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Diagnostics and repair – what are the benefits of TSB

Diagnostics and repair - what are the benefits of TSB 1

Diagnostics and repair - what are the benefits of TSB

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What is a TSB? This is the “Technical Service Bulletin”, a special document issued by the Manufacturer to “catch up” with those cars that are already in operation. TSB describes the procedure for carrying out service campaigns to eliminate detected deficiencies in the car, changes in spare part numbers and other information that the manufacturer brings to service stations. This mainly applies to dealer service stations, but the rest of the car service should read them constantly.

Because, if you don’t read, you can break your head over some kind of malfunction, quarrel with yourself, but you can’t defeat any malfunction. I will give some examples of the usefulness of a timely study of TSB, which helped to solve and close questions on malfunctions..

Mitsubishi Lancer 10. On the instrument panel, the SRS (airbag) system malfunction light is on – “Fault or open circuit of the front frontal collision sensor”.

I get to the sensor itself, I look:

Contact corrupted rotten. And what are the reasons?
Watching TSB, reading:

SUBJECT: Service Campaign – Corrosion of Front Impact Sensors of the SRS System
DATE: 12/21/2009
Traces of corrosion may appear on the front impact sensors of the SRS system, the cause of which is an anti-icing reagent applied to their surface, which processes the road surface in winter. Continued use of the vehicle in this condition may cause the SRS malfunction lamp to light up on the instrument panel.
3. Reason:
The reason for this condition is a combination of the following factors:
(A) Incorrect installation location of the front shock sensors. The sensors are placed in front of the radiator, thus they are practically not protected from the ingress of water dust containing deicing agent.
(B) Electrochemical corrosion resulting from the interaction of two different materials, a brass sleeve and a steel sensor bracket. This corrosion can lead to microcracks in the sensor housing. And water falling into this microcrack can cause a short circuit in the sensor chip.
4. Elimination of a defect in production:
Starting from June 16, 2009, in order to isolate the metals in the sensor mount from the action of the anti-icing reagent, the following measures were introduced in production:
(a) Butyl rubber layers were added between:
1) bracket and sleeve;
2) sleeve and body;
(b) Apply silicone sealant to the bolt
(c) Sealant applied to body panels
5. Elimination of the defect at the service station:
At the next arrival of a car falling under this campaign for service, replace both front shock sensors with new ones in accordance with the procedure below.

I show TSB to the client and he no longer has questions. Sensor replacement solved all problems.

Mitsubishi Pajero 4, year of manufacture 2011, in a new body, well-groomed. The symptomatology is this: the engine may work normally, or it may not respond at all to the gas pedal. It starts to lose power, it may even stall. DTC P1272.

Through MUT3 I go to the “data list” and look at the parameters: “desired injection pressure and real pressure”. And I see that when you press the gas, the injection pressure drops. Well. here, most likely, a problem with the fuel pump? A bit surprising: such fuel injection pumps from DENSO are reliable devices and almost never had any problems with them. And if there were problems, then only with the valve.

What does the TSB say? I find, read and look:

1. Description of the fault:
The lamp is lit, the engine diagnostic warning lamp, fault code P1272 is recorded in the memory of the engine control unit.
2. Reason:
Increased friction inside the fuel pressure control valve (SCV) caused by foreign material entering the SCV during assembly.
Measures to be taken at the service center:
Replace fuel pressure control valve; do not replace high pressure fuel pump assembly.

Thanks. So I will do:

In the photo above, where I point with my finger – this is what we are looking for. And what is visible yellow is a bit with which I unscrew. Why yellow? But this trick is this: earlier, if the head or bit slipped out and fell under the engine, you could look for a century and not find it – all the same. And then a bright yellow electrical tape – everything is visible and the fallen can be found quickly.

Further did as it is written in TSB.

Repair Method:
1. Remove the battery
2. Remove the dipstick tube
3. Thoroughly clean the area around the SCV to prevent debris from entering the injection pump.
4. Remove the connector and two SCV mounting bolts

Pull the SCV out of the injection pump housing. Do not use pliers and / or a screwdriver when dismantling the SCV, this may damage the surface of the injection pump housing:

Install a new o-ring. Do not lubricate with oil or grease..

Install a new SCV with a new gasket. The valve seal can be lubricated with a small amount of clean engine oil. Ensure that the valve connector is located on the engine block side..

· Tighten the valve mounting bolts to 7-11 Nm
· Connect the connector, install the dipstick tube, install the battery. Tightening torque for battery terminals 4-6 Nm.
· Provide fuel injection training with M.U.T.-III
· Check all components of the fuel system, make sure there are no fuel leaks.

The client had a valve of the old modification. His replacement solved all the problems.

In conclusion, I can say that the timely study of TSB helps to eliminate a good percentage of faults..


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