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Dodge Caliber Car

Dodge Caliber Car 1

Dodge caliber

Dodge Caliber Car 2

The mass production of the spectacular Dodge Caliber, dates back to 2006, it was then that he was born for the first time. For a narrow circle of journalists and automotive critics, the car was introduced back in 2005. In the Geneva Motor Show, all the charms and advantages of the car were presented, as a result of which, it was rated quite high.

Dodge Caliber can be attributed to relatively inexpensive SUVs with taste, quality, power and good parameters.

Caliber, is produced in the framework of three engine variations, namely 1798, 1998, 2360 cubic centimeters, between them there is no serious difference in terms of power. According to the engines, a certain power is also determined – 150, 156, 295 horsepower.

Many motorists are not happy with the drive of the car, it is the front of an SUV, and I would like to be complete. But, nevertheless, the maximum acceleration of the car is 200 km per hour. In 9.5 seconds, the car will squeeze 100 km per hour. It seems like a long but confident.

The car is equipped with a stiff and powerful suspension that can make imperceptible all the bumps on the road.

In terms of consumption, the Dodge Caliber SUV is quite economical. On the highway, the consumption indicator is equal to seven liters per 100 km, if you take the roads in the city, it will grow to around 10.5 liters.

The appearance of this car was noted by many drivers. There is nothing super-impossible in it, but at the same time all the pleasant things are taken into account. The aerodynamics of the car are at a sufficiently high level, it can easily cope with air resistance when driving, and thus will save fuel.

Salon is quite functional. All locations provide amenities for the driver: pedals, seat adjustment, steering wheel, everything can be adjusted for drivers of different sizes.

As for the trunk, in the Dodge Caliber, it is not too big, but this can be compensated by the folded rear seats. And, in principle, high car ceilings increase useful displacement.

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages

Dodge Caliber has a lot of advantages, among them:

– a body made of thick and high-quality metal;

– high quality painting;

– suspension convenient for repair work;

– good engine cooling system;

– on-board computer and cruise control;

– larger rear view mirrors;

– powerful air conditioning and stove;

– ABS brakes

– heated seats;

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages:

– the rear, middle headrest, is immediately cleaned by the driver, as it prevents visibility;

– lack of all-wheel drive;

– trunk and interior material is very easily soiled;

– genuine parts have a high price.


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