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Dodge Challenger Car

Dodge Challenger Car 1

Dodge Challenger – “herd” under the hood

Dodge Challenger Car 2

During the heyday of the American auto industry, several very serious and promising cars featured on the podium. Ford has the GT40, which, incidentally, was not at all intended for urban use. Chevrolet represented the incredibly expensive (at that time) and popular Chevrolet Corvette.

But, high competition has always stood out the American market, especially among manufacturers of sports cars. For this reason, a separate class of vehicles was designated that did not reach copies designed for big sports, less expensive to maintain and operate, and therefore more accessible to the mass user. Even in those days, American car lovers of this category came up with their class name – “pony car” (small-sized car with a 2-door body).

The first undisputed leader in the segment was the world-famous Ford Mustang, which first appeared in public in 1964. After a couple of years, the ambitious Chevrolet Camaro joined the pony line. Chrysler later introduced the Dodge Challenger, creating a new round of unstoppable competition on the market, although at that time it was not the first present to opponents from the concern. Prior to that, he deduced the AMC and Plymouth models, the appearance of which was accompanied by a more moderate excitement.

This class could not resist during the energy crisis and the huge influx of cars produced in Asia. For some time, these cars disappeared from sight. After a while, and having regained consciousness first, the Ford concern occupied the retail space, after giving the lovers of the genre one more Mustang, modernized, but not inferior to its illustrious predecessor. Following him, Camaro reminded of himself, and immediately after that, in order not to violate the old tradition, the new Dodge Challenger was presented to the public. The described events occurred in 2008..

Unfortunately, or maybe not, the new Challenger has not passed the globalization so widely used by manufacturers today. This time, Asian companies did not participate in it, but the chassis of the new “pony” from Dodge is similar to the Mercedes-Benz “E” class installed in 210.

As they say, slowly but surely the new car began to regain all the gains of its eminent ancestors. It will not be possible to officially detect it in the domestic car market, but if you have the means and desire, it is quite possible to purchase one of the few copies. The most inexpensive vehicle equipment offers a V6 engine of 250 forces of 5.7 liters. But this is not enough. This caliber starts with an internal combustion engine with a power of 370 forces, a minimum. An advanced version, with a V8 SRT HEMI engine and a power of 425 forces, in a short time went into oblivion. The developers felt that traction is not enough. Its place was taken by another engine, with the letter 392, generating 470 forces, with a volume of 6.4 (only). The number 392 corresponds to the calculation in cubic inches, equal to 6.4 liters.

An increase of 45 forces reduced the acceleration time of the car by a whole second. For cars of this classification, this parameter is very important, and fuel waste is taken into account last, or not at all taken into account. For sports car lovers, the main thing is that the “pony car” class, having gained a second wind, managed to revive and regain its former popularity throughout the world, although in America, despite years, he did not lose it.


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