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Dodge ram 1500

Dodge ram 1500 1

Dodge ram 1500

Dodge ram 1500 2

When searching for a universal car, one cannot but mention the large pickups that have already conquered America and now have become very popular in the vast expanses of the former Soviet republics. Their great popularity is due not least to the fact that a huge number of roads in these countries are in extremely poor condition. If, for example, you use a regular minibus to transport some goods, then its suspension will require repair every six months. Having bought a pickup truck, a person becomes the owner of a reliable, powerful and one that will overcome both pits and dirt, a vehicle that you can rely on and use in the most difficult conditions.

The peaks were especially looked at by buyers from the countries of the former Soviet Union that it shows its power and reliability, the ability to transport and carry around the clock with just one view – the Dodge Ram 1500. Of course, this is not the most powerful car, because the company is building two more modifications of this car – Ram 2500 and 3500. When buying the latter, the owner can be sure that the car is capable of carrying extremely heavy loads. The Ram 3500 has twin wheels on the rear axle, which once again shows why this particular machine was designed. A huge plus of the new pickups, it’s not only about the representatives of the Dodge Ram family, is that they are able to carry trailers – these cars are, without a doubt, called full truck tractors.

What are the characteristics of cars Ram 2015 model year? The company offers a lot of different modifications and option packages. For ease of understanding, consider how different two Ram 1500s can be..

It is better to start the comparison with the gearbox, because the cars are equipped only with an automatic transmission and, it is worth saying, the switching occurs quickly and clearly, as well as smoothly – that the driver switched the car only feels after changing the engine roar. The engine and exhaust system, by the way, produce an incredible low-pitched sound – it feels like it is breathing a powerful beast. Ram pickups are equipped with Cummins engines. These motors managed to prove to customers the ability to work in the most severe conditions, under heavy load for a long time and without breakdowns. Cummins is Power and Reliability.

The cheapest 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Express 2WD Reg Cab V6 pickup will cost the buyer somewhere between $ 28-29,000, depending on the dealer. The car will be equipped with a 3.6-liter engine – V6, automatic transmission. A car with the same short cab can cost much more, for example, in 2015 the Ram 1500 2WD Reg Cab 120.5 Sport Truck – a 5.7-liter engine with 8 cylinders, paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The approximate price of such a pickup is $ 37,000. 2015 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Longhorn 4WD Crew Cab Truck – this version has a longer cab and is equipped with an environmental V6 diesel engine of 3 liters will become a tidy buyer – $ 55,000.

I must say that Ram offers a lot of possible options for equipping a car, and each buyer can “assemble” it so that it will be very difficult to see a similar one on the road – this is a huge plus and advantage. A variety of engines, cabs, settings and suspension design for specific conditions, maximum load capacity interior materials and options aimed at driver comfort – all this can be chosen for you, the question will be only at a price.

Speaking about the benefits, you need to focus on the main ones. One of these is the pickup truck. If before the company did not pay much attention to this, now the policy has completely changed. This was due to the appearance of the Japanese Tundra on the American market. And I must say that Ram did the job perfectly – it’s comfortable in the cabin, it’s nice to be there, expensive materials are present, especially in the top versions, and it is especially pleasing — the successful and clearly thought out arrangement of buttons and devices on the panel. The second, simply gigantic plus, is the strength of the body, which is a very important characteristic for a saddle pickup. Car journalists were not too lazy and conducted a test for torsion of the body, hanging three cars on special rails: Ram 3500, Ford 3500, Chevrolet 3500. It turned out that the rear doors of Ram closed clearly and without problems, the Chevrolet doors closed with some effort, but there was a bit twisting of the body relative to the cab is noticeable, but with the Ford 3500 the situation was worse – the back door did not close at all, and the body was clearly twisted.

Based on all this, it can be clearly determined that Ram cars are a very good and reliable car that will be to the taste of our customers and, importantly, will last a long time, delighting with strength, comfort and reliability, peace of mind on any stretch of road.


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