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Dodge viper

Dodge viper 1

Dodge viper

Dodge viper 2

In 2010, the production of the famous American sports car was suspended, but recently at the auto show in New York, the new Viper was demonstrated. He did not suffer any special changes in his appearance, all the details look with the preservation of all the traditions of the car.

What has changed in the car body is that all its parts are now made of expensive and high-quality material and the front part is slightly different. Namely, the radiator grill has changed in size, has become smaller. The pattern from the lines on the hood was also modified, instead of the previously familiar sketches, another no less impressive appeared. The hood itself, like all other parts of the body base, was not altered in terms of appearance, it is also elongated.

The Viper cab, as before, is slightly shifted to the rear of the body. The forms of auto parts are convex and aggressive, the lines are very strict and bold. At the first glance at the car, you will immediately recognize Dodge Viper.

Changed were the front and rear lights. Front LED lights are made slightly elongated up, and behind the headlights are slightly narrowed, which gives the car a peculiar style.

In general, Viper remained the same in appearance with only minor modifications to the body and new parts, made mainly of special high-strength aluminum. Car roof made of carbon fiber.

Thanks to the introduction of new parts into the design, the mass of the car became 44 kg less than its predecessor.

Compared to the body, the interior inside has changed significantly. The trim looks simply gorgeous, it is made of high quality genuine leather. Sports style when getting into the car immediately becomes noticeable. Manufacturers lowered the seats 2 centimeters lower, which now allows for more convenient adjustment of their position and travel. There are 3 types of color scheme trim trim parts Dodge Viper.

In the middle of the instrument panels is an impressive touchscreen display. There are 3 types of different audio systems that allow you to enjoy your favorite high-quality music from 12 to 18 speakers.

The interior of a sports car has many different options that create the person driving this car certain amenities.

The technical parameters of Dodge are the basis of its sporty style and performance. A powerful unit with ten V-shaped cylinders is mounted under the hood of a car. Such a motor can develop horses up to 640, and the peak torque is 813 Nm. Despite these parameters of the unit, its weight decreased by 10 kg. This was facilitated by the use of lightweight but better materials for the manufacture of the motor: aluminum, steel and composite. To all this, it allows the engine to have a rather enhanced resistance to overloads..

The volume in operation of such an aggregate is 8.4 liters. The gearbox is used mechanical with a special wings, which is slightly shortened for more convenient gear shifting..
Thanks to the electronic stabilization control system, the suspension is now more stable on the road under different climatic conditions, moreover, such a system is equipped with unique four operating modes. Four pistons in the disc system provide brakes.

The configuration provides a choice of one of two: basic and modernized. In this case, an improved assembly makes it possible to experience all the advantages of an active suspension operating in 2 modes. Also in this configuration, there are 3 options for painting the wheels of the famous Venom company.

The brake lock system is present in both the basic and modernized assembly.

The price of a Dodge Viper in the West market starts at $ 95,000. Although the cost of a car has increased significantly since the last release of the analogue, but the characteristics of the new Viper are much higher. In addition, the material used in the construction of the body and unit inspires reliability in the operation of the legendary American car.


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