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Dongfeng DFM H30 and DFM S30 cars

Dongfeng DFM H30 and DFM S30 cars 1

Dongfeng DFM H30 and DFM S30

Dongfeng DFM H30 and DFM S30 cars 2

Today, the Russian sales market has a large number of machine models from China. Every year, these products are increasingly fixed on the segments of our homeland. This time, in order to satisfy the desire to purchase a good and not expensive copy, the automobile company Dongfeng Motor Corporation came. This company decided not to be like the principles of its competitors, and launches for sale two models of its creativity at once. This marketing move has been made in order to promote public relations and increase the assortment. In the salons, the DFM S30 sedan and the DFM H30 station wagon will take their place, the price of which, regardless of the condition and stability of the currency, will not exceed half a million rubles.

If you look at both cars, you can safely state the fact that these cars, in essence, are two drops of water with different sterns. Indeed, the chassis design, engine and interior design are identical in nature to the origin. Therefore, to consider individuals, it is possible as one whole car.

Appearance is not quite ordinary, simple and without falsity. The front of the car is decorated with a perfect hood with cutouts and lines for better streamlining. A little lower is a beautiful grille with a chrome perimeter. On the sides of it is the main optics with LED running lights and high beams converted using a scattering lens. Under the grill, there is a bumper, fog lights are visible at the edges, and an air intake in the center.

The profile part of the body has not been made distinctive, the compact shape of the doors, on which the line of the rib is barely visible. Body shape, the very perfection of the process of cutting air masses. Of course, the station wagon has a ramp in the trunk area and a rounded fifth door.

The feed of the car was done honestly, here the engineers used the proverb: “the more the better you can see,” since the highlight of the rear part was the volumetric lights of the side lighting. The tailgate is amazingly and flawlessly.

The salon is designed for five people, despite the fact that a basketball player can fit in any of the seats. Finding himself in the front seats, you can see all the charm of Chinese designers. All devices are located very conveniently and to look at one of them, it is enough to squint slightly, and not turn your whole head. The torpedo is made in the best traditions of Italian luxury forms. Smooth bends and highlighting additional sensors and blowers with chromed plastic.

Both cars are driven by one and six liters of motor, already familiar to the whole world, delivering power equivalent to one hundred and seventeen horses, from the Japanese company Nissan. This power unit is very economical and fast, and especially working in conjunction with front-wheel drive and a five-speed gearbox.


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