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Dongfeng s30

Dongfeng s30 1

Dongfeng s30

Dongfeng s30 2

Dongfeng is perhaps one of the most international in the auto industry in China. Her joint ventures collect European, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cars. They also make their own cars – but it is clear that auto products under their own brand somehow contain the fruits of the exchange of experience with partners. And there is nothing reprehensible in this.

Dongfeng S30 sedan sold in Russia since last year.

The Chinese say that they took the Citroen ZX hatchback platform, which was produced in France from 1991 to 1997, and then assembled at a factory in Wuhan..

The engine is Nissan, it is paired with a French five-speed manual or a four-speed Japanese automatic.

The body has noticeably changed. Firstly, from a hatchback and a station wagon it turned into a sedan; secondly, the features of the Z-X are not at all guessed.

The interior also does not recall the former connection with the “Frenchman.” However, do not forget that Citroen was one of the first European manufacturers to come to China. And he has been producing cars there in cooperation with Dongfeng since 1992.

According to what recipe and in what proportions the French, Japanese and Chinese components were mixed in Wuhan, it is now difficult to determine, but it turned out to be a modern-looking car that fits well into the city landscape.

And no matter where – in China, Japan, Europe or in Russia. For our country, such a car is even better – at least now, in a crisis. Another C-class car with an automatic transmission and a leather interior for 580 thousand rubles, perhaps, can not be found.

Having traveled a week on the S30, I realized that the car was not adapted enough for the cold Russian conditions (the snow that fell in early April deprived me of my last doubts). How is this manifested? First of all, in the insufficient efficiency of the heater. Single-zone climate control lives its own life. The display shows +30 ° C, the engine is warm, and slightly warm air is blowing at the feet. And the air flow in the automatic mode almost does not get on the windshield. Rear passengers in the frost have to wrap themselves up and sit in warm boots – they don’t get warm air at all.


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