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Drift Memories

Drift Memories 1

Without keyword

The happy time in my life is the concept of “drift” and the construction of a car for this sport. And here you must definitely remember my boss, here he is in the photo in the center, George Chivchyan, winner of the Super Drift Battle in 2012. This year, the strongest riders from all over Russia came to Krasnoyarsk on the Red Ring.

Prizes were distributed as follows: from left to right: Nikita Shikov – second place, Gocha Chivchyan – first place, Georgy Stepanyan third.

And for me, it started like that …

When I met Georgy (this is his “Russified” name, we call him Gocha, he is Russian himself, but with Armenian roots), he was already “sick” with fast cars. A few years later he opened a car service (Forward Auto), and a couple of years later he invited me to work with him. So it was easier to build his race).

In the photo is the front door of our service, the car in front of the entrance is Sylvia S15 George and S14 of Vladimir’s older brother.

But in order …
That was such a car when I met her. Photos of those years are almost gone, we can say I accidentally found an archive photo.

Drift Memories 2

More information about this configuration of the machine, in the video of the local TV channel, in the author’s program.

And then hooked, suffered …

As the video says, at that time there were no drift competitions in Krasnoyarsk. But over time, they built and opened the Red Ring, where George began to show results in amateur competitions “Time Attack” – passing the ring for a while.
On Sylvia, even specifically for this, they got real “slicks” (Slick) is a perfectly smooth tire that has no grooves (tread) or other elements that reduce the contact patch with the track). Non-forged, integral, 18th VOLK slippers.
Here, Gocha began to strain the question of whether to leave the ABS or remove it … On the one hand, tuned to the city mode, it interferes with driving on the ring, on the other hand, over-braking on heated slicks with a lock, the slick becomes square …

In the photo: Manager from the store Vladimir. Then George was not particularly good with a team of mechanics. Nearby is the red beauty of Dmitry Ermokhin, a school friend of Gocha (more on that later).
BUT! As always, there is BUT: Nissan Sylvia as a ring car is not very – heavy muzzle, excess power on the light rear axle, as a result of turns only sideways.
Time Attack & Subaru
Then the city car of Chivchyan went into action. We just have two of them, George Jr. and Vladimir Sr..

In the photo: according to the results of the first stage of the Championship of Siberia and the Far East in auto ring racing, time attacks, from left to right – Denis Ponomarev (a little later I will tell about him, briefly) second place, George – first and Vladimir – third.

And here is their car: both Subaru Impreza WRX STi, only the younger Gocha has the Japanese “Fox” Spec C (white), and the older Volodya has our 2011 GDB (black).

They use these Subaras as everyday cars for moving around the city, which, however, did not stop them from winning the 2011–2012 racing season in the Turbo Stock series of races on the Red Ring. Here they are handsome in all their glory:

In addition to different wheels, the brothers had fun and a variety of pasting machines vinyl film

Here are the first attempts. The hood and roof are covered with carbon film. And the red Irkutsk Impreza with a real carbon hood catches up behind.

And here is the last option that lasted until the sale of the car.

Prizes won repeatedly!

Here we already know everyone: George, Denis, Vladimir.

The new character, in second place Arkady Tsaregradtsev, director of the Red Ring, I will mention about him.

Unfortunately, here I will not say anything about the third participant, I do not remember who it is. And what kind of stage was I don’t remember.

You might think that four people are taking part in a series of Time Attack races. But this is not so. Here is a temporary table of the participants of the final of 2011.

But it happened that the ring left and so …

… the motor shot itself at 60 thousand miles. Well. worthy, because she came in first place. And the average fuel consumption, on-board computer, showed 60 liters per hundred, when driving “on the nightstand” (which means “squeeze the maximum and more out of the car, bring down 100% of the power and capabilities”).

And also, in 2010, some local automobile magazine wanted to write about the new Subaru Ipreza WRX STI and was asked to participate in a photo shoot. Photo from the magazine, it was right on the cover. Then we laughed for a long time with the guys:

Driving George. Beautiful photo. Subaru all-wheel drive. A cloud of snow above the car. Controlled skid at speed. well, probably around 80, judging by the photo, huh? Well, if you look closely, the driver is talking on the phone while driving, and even with such a boring expression on his face, he only needs a cup of coffee!
(Just in case, George is a candidate for master of sports in auto racing, and the photo shoot takes place on a specially prepared track, DO NOT REPEAT DANGER.).

I will dwell a little more on the snow-white beauty Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec-C of the last restyling of the GD body (in the common people of Fox) George.

Here is a small, or rather incomplete list of differences between Spec-C and a car without this prefix:

1) A body reinforced with spacers using a variety of aluminum plumage parts instead of steel.
Paint coating with fewer layers relative to even simple STs.
Lightweight glass by reducing glass thickness. Moreover … once I got into work at the same time two cars, this “cake”, and a simple ST, dismantled the interior from them (took out the climate unit), and when assembling, as usual, assembled a bunch of bolts, amass in their places, but here me than something distracted. And returning to work, he began by collecting a second car, collected the same bunch of bolts and did not believe himself! A bunch of bolts, M6 nuts and self-tapping screws fit in the palm significantly differed in weight! Seriously, I went about boxing with bolts in my hands and let everyone weigh.
2) The suspension allows you to change the angles of longitudinal inclination and the camber angle of the front wheels, which allows you to adjust the car to specific driving conditions. Inverted shock absorbers. Stiff suspension, very stiff.
3) Another setting is DCCD (control of the stiffness of locking the central differential by the driver from the passenger compartment) and ABS (with the presence of a brake force redistribution system).
4) STI QuickSteering steering rack (very sharp, with a short gear ratio).
5) An equal-length collector (yes, Subaru lost its specific sound with it, but allowed the use of paragraph 6
6) Bearing TwinScroll (well, this is a separate issue, the turbine with a special impeller has two angles of attack, which allows you to work on a small volume of exhaust gases and on a large one)
8) Salon. All black, on a rag. No power seats. Although air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors and central locking have left. strange japs ​​…
9) The tank for irrigation of an intercooler of 12 liters was transferred to the trunk.
10) Gas tank reduced from 60 to 50 liters
11) An air-cooled oil cooler was placed in front of the radiator
12) The most important thing in this car is the real rally sunroof!

Yes, such a terrible hatch

Beauties before the start

… and in battle … Denis Ponomarev and Best Tuning Fest

At the end of the story about the circuit races, a few words about Denis Ponomarev, since he did not compete with my directors in these tournaments.

I don’t have much information on his car. Since he builds and sets them up independently with a friend in the garage. They are adherents of evolution. Here!
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution:

Denis also performed in the Turbo Stock class. Which implies a standard turbine and piston. Everything else could be uprooted as you like, except that the salon should also remain in stock. That’s just in the city I did not observe this car, unlike our Imrez, which were operated as the main city cars.

Just a beautiful photo of a combat race. Like this.

Like Gocha, Denis came to the ring from a different kind of racing
Drag racing

His first nightstand at the 2010 Summer Championship
And his Dregovy MMS

… what’s under the hood of a champion car is a secret known only to its engineer … There are rare photographs. For instance:

Photo from here –

But neither about the appointment, nor about the manufacturers of the elements I do not know.
Is it that in 2011 his drift EVO at the exhibition “Best Tuning Fest” won first place in the nomination “Best engineering”.

And in the nomination “Best styling” the first place belonged to this beauty.
Supra 1995 issue has undergone many changes in appearance

What am I talking about “Best Tuning Fest”, and so little information. But to what. In second places of this exhibition in the nominations “Best engineering” and “Best styling” was our beauty. This is the second place in styling. By the way, the rear wing racks are made by special order, when driving sideways more densely, the denser filling of the strut creates resistance and slows down sliding, for the same reason they subsequently abandoned the wide end wings on the spoiler (they are now wearing the WAKOS sticker). Although it was necessary for the exhibition. And yes, the wing is not for beauty, it really works, at least according to the pilot’s opinion. On the highway of Nizhny Novgorod, the spoiler is removed at all, since there the speeds are higher than on our ring, and the downforce created by the wing prevents “flying”. flight. smooth and beautiful shifting from one side to another.

Washed the beauty before the exhibition

The front wheels are littered to a maximum of -6 degrees for beauty

Drift Memories 3

For this podkapotka we took the second place in engineering.

And in order:
1) Apparently because of such a non-chrome-plated expansion barrel, they gave the second place …
2) I do not remember the exact name of this contraption. But it was created and installed to air the system. Collected all the highest points of the cooling system.
3) Well and the wider thickness of the radiator. The machine is operated at maximum capacity, but since it drives more sideways forward than the muzzle, the cooling system does not work very well, after a couple of battle circles you need to ride at least a straight circle – cool down
4) A cooler for cooling air compressed by a turbine is also installed here.
5) But this is interesting … it is an injection of water methanol, or in difficult times, vodka. That is, ‚water methanol is used in combat races, cheap vodka is used in training. And this is necessary in connection with:
– injection of water methanol can significantly reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber, which has a beneficial effect when working on high boost, which allows you to blow more, hence the machine becomes stronger. Well, the octane number of alcohol mixed with gasoline also improves dynamic performance. The mixture is injected directly in front of the throttle, for better mixing with the fuel.
6) On this motor, stock for Nissan Sylvia in the S15 body, a variable valve timing system is used only on the intake shaft, like VVTi on Toyota (I don’t remember exactly, it seems in 2013, we switched to the head from the QR20VE engine, it has a system like VTEC on both shafts)
7) The ignition system is built here based on an optical camshaft and crankshaft position sensor in one housing.
8) The intake manifold is still a stock type, except with enlarged channels and a receiver.
9) Stock throttle
10) The ignition coils, although stock, are produced by the tuning company Nismo and the ignition amplifier (it is hidden in the cabin)
11) This is also an interesting contraption. Moisture-oil-separator. It is connected instead of standard breather hoses. Oil vapor, instead of being fed back to the inlet, condenses in a special tank.
12) Specially made thermal insulation of the hot part of the turbine. It is put on a fur coat throughout the turbine.

13) Emphasis GTZ. Often used even on simple cars. According to customer reviews, the brake pedal is more transparent. I’ll explain the meaning: the most rigid place under the hood is selected, closest to the GTZ, most often it is a “glass”, and also some other place, for maximum rigidity (in our case, a spacer between the front struts is used), and it rests against the GTZ with an adjusting bolt , which allows you to block the movement of the motor shield when you press the brake pedal, and he moves, believe me.
14) Yes, we moved the oil filter to this place. To transfer it in any way, since the oil cooler is installed, here it is not visible in the photo.
15) An air filter, yes, nulevik … no matter how I oppose such a filtering method, on a race car that moves on its own only around the ring, excluding city dust and dirt, only on weekends, and only in snowless periods. And this period in Siberia is short!
16) This is one of the breathers, on this modification it is muffled, paragraph 11 is enough.
17) There, in the depths, in the corner, with the hood open, poorly noticed, a bucket of power steering fluid is hidden, no matter how we monitor the beauty and cleanliness under the hood, in combat mode the power steering fluid will boil, and the engine compartment will spoil its vapor. They hid it out of sight and made it as simple as possible to wash this place so that dirt would not be scattered around the engine compartment.

Here are some of the differences in the next generation of the motor: ꞉
4) The intercooler remained in the old place, but for better cooling they made a “shelf-box-guide”.
5) The injection of water methanol was replaced with nitrous oxide. The principle and meaning are about the same.
6) This is exactly the same VE head, with a system for changing the time and height of the valve opening on both shafts.
7) It is hard to see here, the knee and camshaft position sensor is screwed into the head, now based on the effect of the hall sensor, with a special read-out marker disc mounted in the gear of the exhaust camshaft. This system, like paragraph 8, is produced by the American tuning company Mazwark. Made for more reliable and high-quality tracking around the corner and ignition settings.
8) Intake manifold, with shorter runners, and designed by American engineers for the most equal filling of the cylinders, receiver. And also the ability to install:
9) The increased throttle from the three-liter engine VQ30DET Nissan FairLady.
10) The stock coils of the old motor do not fit into the valve cover of the new head, but the Americans, the first to use the VE head, found a way out. The R1 motorcycle ignition coils fit perfectly in the head and are strong enough to work in racing mode.

Drift Nissan Silvia S15

Here we are little by little and went on to drift.
It all started ‚of course‚ with Gochi.

Local, eternal confrontation: Georgy Chivchyan on the yellow sylvia and Arkady Tsaregradtsev on the white skylan.

It just so happened. When the drift in the city became legal, just like in a city, on the territory of the racing Red Ring, the director of which is Arkady, Arkady himself hadn’t driven sideways yet, but he was pushing him hard and hard. This is now Arkady, if not a master, then a candidate for master of sports. And then only after seeing how spectacular this action was, with the support of sponsors, I got myself a champion in the Skyline dreg. He deprived him of the front-wheel drive, leaving the rear one, and slowed down his power; for a drag, power is needed only at the top, and elasticity is needed in a drift. And he began his rapid ascent to the upper pedestals of drift tables.

Next, the photo from one of the stages, the closing of the 2012 season, the decisive stage, the whole race year Arkady and Gocha changed first and second place:

Mandatory construction. Presentation of participants before the start of the competition

And a greeting before the final race

Ohhhh … it was a tough confrontation between the experience of Gocha and the newcomer Arkady. Friends in life, on the ring are very aggressive athletes. During several stages, the leaders changed places, first and second!
Arkady, as a significant media personality (you need to promote the Red Ring by all available means), shot a video call and posted it on YouTube channel. And Gocha informed about it.
“Answer” was not long in coming. All this can be seen on the channel of Anatoly Zarubin, but this is not about him. For a couple of years, a video skirmish, backed up by a fierce confrontation on the ring, raised the ratings of Gocha, Arkady and the Red Ring.
And friends did not forget to show first-class pair races. Beauty in this sport, as in many, borders on aggressiveness. The closer the cars are to each other, the larger the angle relative to the rectilinear movement, the higher the travel score. Here is a photo of the final stage, the struggle for the first or second place. Pilots gave all the best! They showed the drift as close as possible, shifting strictly along the trajectory, nose to nose. But this time, Gocha was a little more restrained, which allowed him to win.

… beautiful, close but neat

Arkady was overly close …

… but even this sickly contact, which didn’t damage cars much, didn’t make the pilots slow down and stop the fight! The fight for first place! The fight for the viewer! The fight for recognition!

… cars have not suffered much.

… and the race was the last, the winner was revealed.

In third place Sergei Kalyuzhnov and his “tag” – a representative of the Krasnoyarsk TCL team.

But back to George.
That’s how the training goes..

See the cone? The car in this photo on the speedometer moves under a hundred km / h, but is perpendicular to the track, the wheels are directed in the opposite direction to the turn. Yes, she’s turning

… this is the very cone, that is, 10-15 meters the car flew sideways to continue the flight in a bend.

Training, training, most importantly training.

… or with a secret stranger

… for a racing weekend, the service was closing. Well, how it closed. Everyone worked in emergency mode, only there were only two clients, a real VIP client.

Somewhere in the process of racing, the suspension suffered, maybe something requires tuning. Maybe the pilot didn’t like how the car “steers” in these weather conditions, or they decided to try new rubber, and reconfigure the suspension or engine to the changed conditions.

Yes Yes. Someone here on my article on chip tuning left a comment that it is necessary to properly configure the control program for everything … no, not so, for EVERYTHING !! possible conditions in which cars may be. I know. It happens and tuned for rubber. Speaking of rubber, here I am.

And don’t laugh, we were all there, I just allowed myself to get into work clothes))

Meet me! Seryozha. Sergey Vasilievich Danilchenko. SVD! The chief mechanical engineer of our Sylvia. Actually ‚90% of all bolts, hoses, this is his merit. All the beauty, from the assembly of the engine to the manufacture of fuel and brake lines, he suggests.

Our love. Love Melkozyorova. Our photographer. Most of the photos in this article are her eyes and hands..

Having enlisted sponsorship “Feds” ‚purchased 28 wheels, 225/45 R17. We destroyed them long before the end of the season. I had to buy more.

For one training day, Gocha burned from 4 to eight tires, burned to the state of “flowerbed” or “slick”. During combat races, tires usually changed before each new opponent. In stock is always a pair of shod wheels. A pair of mobile tire changers are on duty on the ring during the competition. Once before the finals, “our” wheels ran out. Speaking at naked was not an option, they took from someone who had already dropped out. Yes, the trouble is, we all conducted training, settings and combat races on the same rubber. And the comrade had something from a more famous manufacturer, now I do not remember, probably TOYO. A radically different “grip”, a radically different handling. Lost. The benefit was only a stage.

And when we switched to the VET head, we switched to the 18th wheel size, thanks to the increased power, it became possible to turn large wheels, and this is definitely a great speed. It just so happened. The car of Tsaregradtsev Arkady had an RB26DET under the hood and he had power under 800 horses. While Arkady did not have enough experience, we still managed to somehow manage with our 460-480 strong SR20DET Silvia. When Arkasha scored a “skill” and started to leave us, we, in pursuit of it, and just with development, switched to SR20VET and were able to remove about 600 horses, which allowed us to smoke with the 18th radius.
Well, the old champion motor went to his older brother Volodya.

… the same two-liter package of juice for 460-480 horses.

After the release of the movie “Fast and the Furious 4 – Tokyo Drift” on the big screens, a large number of fans of this kind of racing began to appear on the expanses of the country.

Last winter, Sylvia in the back of S14, prepared already in Japan, was purchased and brought in advance, however, with the engine already presented, in connection with which there was a quick reinstallation of the motor from the car of the younger brother. And this year he was already showing good results..

Sylvia Nissan S14, driving Vladimir Chivchyan in training.

But the car prepared in Japan does not meet the requirements of the Russian races. And this winter she is waiting for a quality finalization of the suspension, safety cage, the motor at this stage will remain with the champion S15. Having skated the summer without really straining, Volodya did not really strive for prizes. Rather, just having fun.

In general, this is a rather entertaining action – building a drift car. I’ll try to tell you about this using the example of Vladimir’s car and a couple of our projects.

The car finishes the season around mid-October. A decision is made regarding the necessary improvements. This car had a whole salon, with air conditioning, music and a spare wheel in the trunk. A “drift car” means maximum relief, a powerful engine, refinement of the suspension, in our case, and the body, under the increased eversion, safety cage. Fortunately, the deadlines are limited only by the beginning of the next season. And this is not until April next year.

The car was put into winter refinement and has already been dismantled. Everything superfluous is removed. What will be installed back is decided mainly by the assembly path. From the cabin, little remains, a maximum of a pair of sports seats and a steering wheel, with mandatory omalogization. The central dashboard is subject to quality relief, by the method of removing all unnecessary. We will also remove noise, vibration and other insulation before welding the frame. Everything for weight loss.

The interior is completely disassembled, mainly for maximum relief. There is still factory insulation.

They have already begun to rip off the factory glued sound insulation. Glued at the factory – well, and even the time dried the glue and composition. It mainly deals with a chisel, chisel. Long and dreary, but there is a lot of weight in it …

Left only the ability to ride and steer.
By the way, along the way, we added the angle of rotation of the wheels, the so-called “eversion”.

The method of finalizing the suspension and hubs.

This is not the final angle. The steering rack will also be moved, at the place of attachment to the beam, closer to the center of the wheel.

And they were taken to the installation of a roll cage. While the hands reached the continuation, the car has already arrived with a welded-in safety cage according to Appendix G, according to which the car can participate in almost any competition. I won’t be very clever here, there are many classes of frame welding. Dependence on the required rigidity and safety, this or that type of motorsport. For the drift, there is no need for so many crosshairs, it’s still not for the survival of the race.

Alas, now I no longer take part in the construction of drift cars, switched to four-wheel drive)…
But the former director, George, is increasing momentum:

“The Russian PrimRing Team took first place following the FIA-sponsored Intercontinental Drifting Cup last weekend in Japan. Arkady Tsaregradtsev and Georgy Chivchyan, who took first and third places on the podium following Sunday’s races, won the Russian triumph at the first world championship.
On the eve of October 1, the world’s first official drift competition organized by the International Automobile Federation ended on Odaiba in Japan. 25 riders from 14 countries of Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA took part in the Intercontinental Cup. The first place in the team standings was taken by Krasnoyarsk pilots Arkady Tsaregradtsev and George Chivchyan (PrimRing Team withToyotires), showing a fantastic drift.
This is the triumph of the Russian drift on the world stage, our athletes have risen to the same level with its ancestors and have even surpassed teachers. For two days, it was the Russian racers who reached the semifinals, bypassing rivals from several continents. The tournament grid twice brought them to the track together, and Arkady Tsaregradtsev and Georgy Chivchyan demonstrated exemplary races – the minimum distance and maximum points, admiring not only the spectators, but also the judges.

Taken from:

Red ring.
The “Red Ring” ring race track was built in 2007, at that time it was the only fully functioning professional track in Russia. Now we can say with confidence that the accumulated experience allows us to conduct various competitions of regional, all-Russian and even international scale on the highway in Krasnoyarsk.

The length of the main ring is 2160 m. The width of the route is from 12 to 16 meters. The length of the section for conducting races for maximum acceleration is 850 meters.
The main direction of movement along the ring tracks is counterclockwise.

Particular attention is paid to security issues. The configuration of the track is such that when leaving the asphalt road in any of the turns, the probability of a car overturn is minimal. Retarders and sand traps are equipped on the most difficult corners.

I am very glad that at one time I had a hand in the development of this action.


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