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Electric car – all the pros and cons

Electric car - all the pros and cons 1

Electric car – all the pros and cons

Electric car - all the pros and cons 2

In a series of new products from famous and large companies, electric vehicles are increasingly appearing. Describing the positive aspects of these cars, the manufacturer, sometimes, forgets to mention the disadvantages of such a car.

Immediately it is worth noting the efficiency of an electric car, which is important. It is impossible not to say that gas and oil are not unlimited resources. The fewer resources left, the more expensive they are, and accordingly, the price of fuel rises.

We must not forget about such quality as environmental friendliness. The electric car has no CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, unlike conventional cars.

Also, electric cars are prestigious. All new promising and expensive technologies automatically go into the category of fashionable and prestigious.

The ability to charge at home from the outlet. While the owner is sleeping, the car is charging. Some electric vehicles still have the ability to charge from the sun while riding.

Even taking into account all the positive aspects of such a car, there are many shortcomings that scare potential buyers.

The main drawback is the high prices for electric cars. Large companies unreasonably inflate the prices of such cars. Now electric car manufacturers want to make them more affordable for car enthusiasts, and thereby expand the market. Let, for the most part, simplifying the “filling” of the machine and cheapening the materials from which it is made. Also, as an option, the re-equipment of your favorite car into an electric car in specialized centers.

The disadvantage that repels drivers no less than the first is a small power reserve. Many motorists are scared by the prospect of stalling in the middle of the road. Especially if their work is connected with constant trips and they usually drive more on a car usually a day than an electric car can do on the 1st charge. In defense of this, only one thing can be said – the volume of gasoline in the tank is also monitored. Nobody leaves the city with 2 liters of fuel in the tank, knowing that there are 50 kilometers to the nearest gas station.

The disadvantage is that not all gas stations are equipped to charge electric vehicles. So far, unfortunately, you need to think ahead of your travel itinerary and the nearest gas stations where you can charge your car.

Electric cars and the prospect of their development, like many innovations, found their fans and skeptics, those who do not believe in their development in the future. Once upon a time, a mobile phone was also carried in a suitcase, and not everyone could afford it. But time will tell whether the electric car will take root or not.. .


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