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Electric car Renault Zoe

Electric car Renault Zoe 1

Electric car Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe – electric cars of a brighter future

The desire for a brighter future is quite logical, but it requires some effort. Sometimes you have to pay a high price, sometimes tormented by doubts, but otherwise you can’t get the status of a pioneer and a leader in a new niche in the automotive industry.

Designed by Zoe, it’s already the 4th car manufactured by Renault and powered by electric traction. The first trial models were Kangoo (Z.E.), Fluence (Z.E.), and little Twizy. But meaningful and organized sales of cars of this classification in European countries started only with the advent of the Renault Zoe model.

The first Fluence sedan did not have the expected success, although it was supposed to be involved in a rather promising project Better Place, which was to lay the foundation for the placement of interchangeable charging stations for electric vehicles in various European countries. That is, the owner of the car received, not only the opportunity to charge the battery in the home, but also completely replace it, if necessary. For unknown reasons, this project was temporarily curtailed, but Renault was not going to abandon its plans, due to which models of the mentioned electric vehicles appeared.

Zoe has a lot of innovations, although previous Z.E developments have been used. The project is separate, although it has a lot in common with Clio. With a traditional diesel hatchback it is “related” by a single platform, but he was not the only one who supplied individual mechanisms and components. For example, Megane was “asked” to share the suspension arms, which came in handy, since the electric car is 357 kg heavier than the same Clio.

The car’s center of gravity is underestimated, the battery pack is located under the underbody, the wheelbase is widened so that the car stands on the road, more than confidently, despite the eco tires from Michelin Energy E-V, they are lightweight, but, as experts say, have a high degree of slip.

Zoe moves harshly, but very actively, the moment is 220 Hm, and from the spot. For a car of this weight category, this is a good indicator. In urban mode, the car can compete even with some motorcycles, not to mention cars. Of course, gaining speed, the car loses acceleration dynamics, in the city stream it does not lag behind, this is not observed on the highway, but the higher the speed, the faster the battery consumes energy.

Batteries from the household network do not charge. Today, the car market offers special mobile charging stations, well, in Europe, specialized services have already begun to appear. Charging time may be different, but the longer it is, the better. The low-current charging algorithm allows the battery to be longer capable, but it takes about 9 hours to fill the capacities. Car mileage on a fully charged battery is 150 km. Of course, this is not enough, but judging by the latest statement, developers are dealing with this issue..

It must be added that the operation of an electric car is not at all as economical as it seems initially. The battery is very expensive, although Renault, for example, provides an unlimited warranty on it, and undertakes to replace it in the event of its complete failure. Apparently, due to many questions and natural doubts, many motorists are not yet ready to plunge headlong into the bright future of the automotive industry, but it seems that they still have everything ahead.


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