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Electric car Toyota Prius

Electric car Toyota Prius 1

Electric car Toyota Prius

Electric car Toyota Prius 2

For many inhabitants, in the good sense of the word, the term hybrid is associated with a car, which, due to its mass character, has become a “classic of the genre.” With a hybrid Japanese electric car Toyota Prius motorists met in the last 20th century. The conveyor with the first model was launched in 1997. Of the 355,000 electric vehicles that were released, most remained in Japan; the rest of the hybrids went to the United States and delighted the people of sunny California. In other countries, only single copies.

Since then, the Toyota Prius Hybrid has undergone 4 serious “plastic surgeries” and its fifth version, assembled at Toyota’s automobile plants in Japan and China, flies like hot cakes to many countries around the world. Even on Russian roads, several hundred Priuses of various versions are already running. And, according to the reviews of numerous owners, they are satisfied with the efficiency and comfort of their cars. There is a saying: “as you call a yacht, so it will sail.” “Prius” is “going ahead.” Well called. Swims well. In the United States, the second Prius even visited the car of the year. Buyers of the fifth version now even have the opportunity to order a solar battery as an additional option. The solar battery works exclusively on the climate control system and during the movement of the car and in the parking lot and at the same time continuously maintains the optimum temperature in the cabin.

However, for this “barrel of honey” there is a small “fly in the ointment.” This is the absence in most countries of a full-fledged service traction batteries. When this main unit fails, even the Americans have to order it in Japan. About the Russian owners all the more you can not stutter. At the same time, an inexplicable paradox is observed: as part of an electric vehicle, its traction battery has one declared price, and when replacing it, it’s completely different, with one and a half and even twice as much.

Many users note another feature of the Prius – the lack of idle. Often, a newcomer who first drives a car and presses the Power button sits and waits for the engine to start working. And the engine is silent. The car does not drive because the Prius moves from a place exclusively on electric traction and you just need to press the gas pedal. True, in electric mode in the electric car mode, the Prius is able to drive no more than two kilometers and only at low speed. Approximately 30 kilometers per hour.


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