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Exhaust black smoke

Exhaust black smoke 1

Black smoke

Exhaust black smoke 2

Exhaust pipe smoke color very important. During normal engine operation, smoke should not appear when the engine is hot. If, after warming up the engine, smoke appears, then this phenomenon indicates a problem. It is not worthwhile to continue the operation of a car with black smoke. Continued operation will lead to engine wear, prematurely and the progression of the problem due to which it appeared. Also, failure to pay due attention to the malfunction that may arise may lead to a major overhaul of the vehicle after passing a couple of hundred kilometers.

The appearance of black smoke that exits the exhaust pipe indicates that a problem has occurred in the car. The reasons for which it appears are presented below:

1. During engine acceleration, engine overload occurred.

2. Informs about the need to replace the air filter as it is clogged..

3. Demonstrates problems with carburetor operation..

4. The problem with spark plugs. They can clog or be improperly adjusted..

5. The exhaust system may be clogged..

6. Indicates the need to adjust the engine valves as the valve clearances are incorrectly adjusted..

7. The installation of the valve timing is incorrect.

8. The problem with the nozzles, maybe they are leaking.

The appearance of black smoke is direct evidence that there is a re-enrichment of the air-fuel mixture. Such a process occurs, in the case of large fuel combustion. This suggests that there are malfunctions in the power system. Also, problems with the injection and ignition control systems will give the same result. Such smoke is easy to identify, most often it is easily visible with a light background, it is determined by the presence of particles of soot. Soot is formed as a result of incomplete combustion of fuel in an automobile.

Along with the appearance of black smoke, motorists note other problems in their work. Namely, the amount of fuel consumed noticeably increases, the machine starts up worse, the engine, in this case, becomes unstable. Also often occurs in cars power loss.

When using a car on gasoline, most often the occurrence of black smoke occurs due to a malfunction of the injection system sensors. Problems with the tightness of the nozzles will also cause its appearance.


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