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Experts have found: the smell of a new car is dangerous to health

Experts have found: the smell of a new car is dangerous to health 1

Experts have found: the smell of a new car is dangerous to health

Why do experts find used cars safer for health??

Each enthusiastic motorist will describe the smell of a new car as one of the most coveted and heady scents. After all, how pleasant it is to own a machine, the novelty of which can be felt immediately by all the senses! And how much upsets, when over time this smell begins to fade.

However, as it turned out, the smell of a new car can “intoxicate” not only figuratively. The thing is that one of the most desirable odors for most motorists is nothing more than a cocktail of fumes of a variety of plastics, adhesives, rubbers and synthetic fabrics, which are widely used in the interior of the car. Part of the materials used contains a horse dose of the so-called volatile organic compounds, which even in small quantities can cause health problems. And some of them, when ingested in a “sufficient” amount, can even cause death.

Experts have found: the smell of a new car is dangerous to health 2

Do you think we are going too far? Not a fact … This conclusion was made by scientists at the Ecology Center of the US state of Michigan, who checked the content of harmful chemicals in car interiors for a rather long period.

According to Jeff Gearhart, director of research at the center, the interior of almost any new car is simply filled with a variety of toxins, including heavy metals, benzene and toluene. On average, more than two hundred chemical compounds can be found inside a machine! But the worst part is that, in contrast to the degree of toxicity of exhaust gases, the level of harmful chemicals inside the car in most countries is almost not regulated.

Depending on the toxicity of the chemicals inside the car, the first symptoms in the driver and passengers can range from mild dizziness and sore throat to nausea, and in some cases even an allergic reaction. The very reaction of the body very much depends on personal susceptibility: where one driver can spend hours without much discomfort, the other will feel the whole list of unpleasant symptoms of toxic poisoning.


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