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External tuning UAZ Patriot – suspension, trunk, interior tuning

External tuning UAZ Patriot - suspension, trunk, interior tuning 1

External tuning UAZ patriot – tuning tips

External tuning UAZ Patriot - suspension, trunk, interior tuning 2

External and internal tuning UAZ Patriot

The UAZ Patriot car can be described as follows: continuous axles, a dependent suspension, a powerful frame – these are all characteristics that worsen driving comfort, but significantly help in off-road conditions. For a moderate off-road ride, the Patriot has enough basic equipment. But if you are going to places far away from the highway, outside of civilization and are thinking about the capabilities of this car, then of course it’s worth upgrading the chassis, engine, tuning the UAZ Patriot trunk, the power bumpers on the UAZ Patriot will not interfere. Although it is worth emphasizing that this vehicle does not belong to the “trophy” class, it is often used for long and long trips, therefore it is advisable to take care not only of its cross-country ability, but also of passenger comfort.

Given the relative simplicity of the design of the UAZ Patriot car, suspension tuning in the same way as tuning the luggage compartment of the UAZ Patriot does not require any major changes, so motorists themselves can quite cope with it, without resorting to specialists for help.

So what needs to be done first? At the very beginning, car owners, as a rule, increase the ride height, install a larger wheel diameter, a new UAZ Patriot grille. The backlash (lifting) of the body is usually made at 60-70 mm, which allows you to set the wheels at least 33 inches. Tuning the UAZ Patriot suspension after backlash is usually not required.

External tuning UAZ Patriot may be the most diverse, it all depends on the individual preferences and capabilities of the owner. Usually, to change the appearance, you just need to install another radiator grill on the UAZ Patriot, other optics, kenguryatnik. But installing power bumpers on a UAZ Patriot car can be useful not only on the basis of aesthetic considerations, because properly installed plastic ones tend to fall apart at first contacts with impassability. It turns out that the external tuning of the UAZ Patriot car can be not only beautiful, but also very useful.

Having a certain amount of money, you can take care of the comfort of an SUV: install climate control, quality windows and airbags UAZ Patriot. These elements of the tuning of the cabin significantly increase comfort, exclude serious injuries and injuries. While the airbags on the UAZ Patriot are not installed regularly, but by 2016 the manufacturer promises to install them, that is, at the moment they are included in the list of tuning elements. But the air conditioner on the UAZ Patriot is installed regularly and does not allow passengers and the driver to overheat in the summer heat. It should be noted that the air conditioner of the UAZ Patriot car perfectly maintains the set temperature in automatic mode in any conditions, which is confirmed by the reviews of the owners.


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