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Extreme or contra-driving

Extreme or contra-driving 1

Extreme or contra-driving

Extreme or contra-driving 2

You don’t even have to search, in a large city such an advertisement just flickers before your eyes. Why did these courses become such a sought after service? Life in the modern world can not be imagined without a car, now it has become very affordable. The number of cars is growing year by year, often the family has not one car, but two. There are more cars, and the basic training of drivers in driving schools leaves much to be desired. Therefore, accidents become frequent, especially in winter. People who have been in such incidents, witnesses to this, or simply want to protect themselves from such inconveniences and troubles, are willing to pay and pay a lot of money to take courses on driving.

Let’s think, at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the car travels about 17 meters per second. A driver who has not undergone special training will spend 1.5 seconds responding if an emergency occurs. It is easy to imagine what will be and how far the car will go during this time..

There are some tips for those who are just thinking of learning to drive extreme driving. You must be predictable, not take risks, you need to know and be able to apply simple driving techniques, you do not need to relax while driving, you must always be on the alert, like a scout, you must constantly predict the development of the situation on the road.

What is contra-driving? The name itself says that it is professional and confident driving, which eliminates the occurrence of emergency situations, and if such a situation does occur, a trained driver will be able to get out of it reflexively without confusion and without panic.

There are many methods of extreme driving, this is the behavior during drifts and offsets, masterful, intuitive control of the gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel. This is a detour of unexpected obstacles, avoidance of collisions, emergency braking and unplanned maneuvering, extreme turns and turns, reliable and confident travel in tight places and much more. You can learn all this, but most importantly, repeating all this over and over again in training, muscle memory and reflex control of the car are achieved. You can’t learn this by reading the instructions and getting one lesson from a specialist. Only long workouts will help achieve results..


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