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Faw 1041: specifications, description and overview

Faw 1041: specifications, description and overview 1

Faw 1041: specs, owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages

Faw 1041: specifications, description and overview 2

The most interesting thing about the car FAW 1041: specifications, reviews, features

Chinese cars quickly broke into the global car market and immediately won it with their cheapness. And already today, many automotive brands from the Celestial Empire are widely known thanks to individual models.

One of the well-known Chinese brands is the FAW brand, which until recently was engaged in the production of trucks, and now also produces cars. One of the most famous representatives of the truck line is the FAW 1041, the technical characteristics of which indicate that this two-ton truck equipped with a diesel power unit is a relatively economical vehicle, as it consumes 9-11 liters of fuel per 100 km.

The FAW 1041 machine appeared on the Russian market in 2012 and is offered in different versions. The fact that the driver needs only a “B” category driver’s license to drive this model is an undeniable advantage of the FAW 1041, the owner’s reviews fully confirm this. Motorists can order it in the bodies of green, white, blue and red. If we compare this two-ton truck with competitors, then it wins against their background in terms of price endurance and even durability.

Reading the reviews of the owners of FAW 1041, we can conclude that the main category of buyers of this vehicle are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Well, thanks to the action of various leasing and credit programs, the availability of spare parts and the presence of a developed network of dealerships, the circle of its potential owners is expanding significantly. In addition, it must be emphasized that all the materials, components and parts used in the manufacture of the car, fully comply with European standards. Yes, and the technical characteristics of the FAW 1041 contribute to increased demand. Take, for example, the engine of this model, its developers equipped a well-designed cooling system, which completely eliminates the possibility of overheating in the summer heat. Another undoubted advantage of the FAW 1041 is its five-speed manual gearbox. Manufacturers even give two years of warranty or 50 thousand kilometers for this car. But she has some shortcomings, the most striking of them was front-wheel drive.


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