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Faw vita owner reviews, descriptions, specifications

Faw vita owner reviews, descriptions, specifications 1

Faw vita owner reviews – car features, advantages, and disadvantages

Faw vita owner reviews, descriptions, specifications 2

The most interesting thing about the car FAW Vita: owner reviews, specifications, price

FAV Vita cars are a series of small-sized passenger vehicles. Manufacturer FAW Vita produces this car in two body styles: hatchback and sedan. This model, of course, is an urban vehicle, specially created so that the driver does not have problems with maneuverability in large flows of vehicles, as well as problems with parking in parking lots. In addition, the model boasts excellent fuel economy, as in the suburban driving mode it consumes a little more than 6 liters of gasoline, if you drive at a speed of 90 km / h. It is because of good maneuverability and low fuel consumption that many decide to purchase the FAW Vita, the reviews of the owners confirm this.

This Chinese car is driven by a 1.3-liter, 16-valve engine with 92 hp. or a 102-horsepower 1.5-liter engine, but it is rare. Reading the reviews of the owners of FAW Vita, we can conclude that many consider this car relatively powerful, despite its compact size, which, of course, gives it elegance and sophistication.

But before buying a FAW Vita car, a car enthusiast should understand that such a car is not very suitable for driving on the motorway, since at high speeds it is difficult to drive, the light weight is to blame.

The manufacturer equipped the FAW Vita car with a five-speed manual gearbox. The interior of the car is made in the style of post-moderation using the latest technologies that are used for higher-class vehicles.

In the Russian market, more and more people prefer the FAW Vita car – the price of which cannot but rejoice and becomes another argument in favor of such a purchase.

Many people are sure that compact cars are inconvenient and cramped in everyday life, but the interior of this car is quite spacious. The only minus of the FAW Vita car is the too compact trunk, however, if its volume is so important for the car enthusiast, then it is better to pay attention to larger cars, and not to compact cars.

It should be emphasized that the body of the FAW Vita car was galvanized, and this also played a significant role in its popularity in the market, especially when you consider that the Russian auto industry has never been friends with zinc, because it is very expensive.

The price of a FAW Vita sedan is always lower than the price of a similar set of this car in a hatchback, and as sales volumes show, the sedan in the Russian market is more popular.


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