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FCAR F3-G – review and reviews

FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 1

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FCAR F3 is primarily known as a multi-brand scanner for commercial vehicles, but little is known about its “passenger” functionality. We decided to fill this gap..

FCAR F3-G is the maximum version of the FCAR F3 diagnostic tool, which includes functionality for diagnostics of both cars and 24V trucks and special equipment.

Let’s start with its composition. The first thing we see is a quality case, the storage reliability of which is not in doubt. Its only minus is a lot of weight.

FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 2

Open the case. We will not list the composition: everything in the picture.

FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 3

The main unit with the cover removed.

FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 4
FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 5

FCAR F3-G - review and reviews 6

Diagnostic Adapters for Trucks and Special Vehicles.

Passenger Diagnostic Connector Adapters

A few words about the diagnostic capabilities of the device. Let the professionals not kick me that I touch upon such “simple” aspects for them. For beginners, this is important..

So, depending on the car model, the FCAR F3-G may:
1) For all vehicle systems
(for example: engine, transmission, ABS, airbags, power steering, body electrical equipment, smart keys, anti-theft systems, cruise control, instrument panel, air conditioning, multimedia, exterior lighting system, data buses, tire pressure monitoring and many others):
– Read / decrypt / erase diagnostic trouble codes and their freeze frames (operating parameters that occurred when writing the trouble code to the memory of the control unit);
– Read and display on the screen the current operating parameters of the control units (sensor readings and calculated parameters);
– Make adaptations and initialization of actuators and sensors, reset adaption parameters of control units;
– Read information about control units, VIN-code, firmware versions;
– At the command of the diagnostician, actuate the actuators (motors, relays, valves, lamps, etc.) (so-called activation tests);
– Produce various service functions.

2) For the engine management system in particular:
Read and write nozzle codes, adapt idle speed, adjust target ignition timing, adapt throttle

3) Reset instrument panel service intervals

4) Program and disable the various functions of the control units (for example, operating modes of external lighting, operating modes of heating windows and mirrors, operating modes of the central lock, etc.)
I repeat that the filling capabilities vary depending on the model of car. This functionality is inherent in all multi-brand scanners..

We will not dwell on the declared capabilities and technical characteristics of the FCAR F3-G diagnostic tool, since they are fully described here:
/ catalog / skanery-fcar /
You can also read an example of a coverage map of opportunities for FCAR F3-G models (v.2012-07)

Filling with opportunities is ongoing, so the above table is for reference only. An example of the table of filling the scanner capabilities for commercial vehicles HYUNDAI:

After some time working with the device, the main impressions appeared. Here they are.

Convenience to work with FCAR F3-G

– Quick turn on. Loading the start menu takes ten seconds.
– Large touch screen with a vertical orientation (it is more convenient to view long menus, for example, when selecting current data)
– Relatively lightweight main unit (despite the size)
– Fully Russified. The Russian language is certainly not without flaws, but for someone it will be very useful. And the availability of Russified databases Motordata and Autodata helps to get the correct decryption of fault codes. If you wish, you can switch to English – it is more convenient for people who are fluent in technical language.

– When viewing the current parameters of the control unit, double-clicking on the parameter displays it at the top of the list and highlights it in green.

Inconvenience to the FCAR F3-G
– Inability to fix the device on the steering wheel – you have to keep it in your hands all the time. I really liked the emphasis, which, for example, has MaxiDAS on its rear wall: it allows not only to position the device vertically on any horizontal surface, but also to fix it on the steering wheel, thus freeing the hands of a diagnostician.

The emphasis is also rubberized, which eliminates the slipping of the device.

– The need to remove the main cable from the head unit when it is placed in the case. Yes, with a cable connected, the main module cannot be placed in a suitcase. The situation is incomprehensible: either do not use the excellent reliable case for its intended purpose, or remove the main cable every time, removing the device into it (which certainly will not affect the connector in the best way).
MaxiDAS, for example, can be placed in its case with the main cable connected.

FCAR F3-G Headunit Materials Quality.
Despite the fact that there is a case in the kit for the main unit, the plastic, I think, is not sufficiently protected from strong shocks. Therefore, you should be careful in work.

Cable and adapter material quality no complaints. The cables are quite solid and at the same time flexible; in Moscow frost (-10 ° С) they do not tan much. Diagnostic adapters are securely attached to the diagnostic connectors.

Testing FCAR F3-G in passenger cars. results.

I must say right away that the device under test was not updated and had a version of the program from February 2014, so some of the flaws revealed in its work may have already been fixed by the manufacturer.

Nissan Murano 2008

Main Menu and Current Data

Actuator activation and adaptation tests.

SRS, no errors

Executive control.

The translation let us down 🙂 The valve has no relation to the steering.

Two errors detected

The scanner correctly decrypted the first error P0725. Decryption of the second error P0826 in the device was not. I looked at the decryption of the code in Motordata, and at the same time the conditions of its fixation by the control unit and possible reasons:

Judging by possible reasons, we conclude that both errors are most likely caused by problems on the CAN bus, although a temporary malfunction of the manual mode switch or its wiring is not ruled out. In any case, at the time of testing, the current data was normal (highlighted in the figure). By fault code P0725: the CVT control unit correctly saw the current engine speed (highlighted in the figure), therefore I conclude that there is some temporary CAN bus malfunction, according to which the engine control unit transmits this data to other blocks.

I note that in Motordata There is a service bulletin for a CAN bus fault on this vehicle:

Menu Body electronics

ABS and other functions

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2013 diesel


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