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Fiat albea

Fiat albea 1

Fiat albea

Fiat albea 2

Fiat Albea – Russified Italian, faithfully serving as a budget sedan since 2002. During this time, an unpretentious family car fell in love with many who wanted a new foreign car, but did not have a large amount of funds to purchase it. Unfortunately, its release was discontinued in 2012, but a large number of these machines continue, albeit not very smartly, to run along our roads.

In the market for used cars, this Fiat will not be difficult to find, due to its widespread use, and not because all owners are trying to get rid of it. In various trim levels, there are two engine options, these are 1.2 and 1.4 liters, you can also pick up a car with different power: from 77 to 109 horsepower. The design of the body and mirrors, although not new, but it looks nice, and everything is appropriate in it – not just snatch this car from the stream with your eyes. In maintenance, it is unpretentious, except gasoline requires money only for consumables.

The interior of the car is modest, but everything is present in convenient places. It is slightly upset that the on-board computer of the Russian car (assembly – Naberezhnye Chelny) does not speak Russian. The panel is made of hard, easily washed and non-creaking plastic. All buttons are large and easy to read, in addition to the glove compartment there are several drawers for small items and cup holders. A high, almost jeep, landing allows you to see a few more neighbors in the stream, and there is no feeling that you have to sit on the asphalt. The trunk is one of the strongest places in the car; its volume is about five hundred liters with the rear seats folded down. If you expand them – you get a full berth for two. Few cars of the same class boast similar, and this is very important for a family car. There is enough space in the cabin for both the driver and front passenger, and the rear (although three people of strong complexion or in winter clothes will still be cramped).

On the pavement. The car is easily driven, the steering wheel is very responsive, and the brakes are informative, one might even say evil. The car is tall, so you should be careful when cornering and at high speed. Acceleration more than 130 km / h is not recommended – the car is quite light, because at high speeds grip begins to be lost. Strong windage of the car warns against abrupt entry into a turn or other aggressive maneuvers, and a strong wind from the road certainly will not blow away, but it will make you worry. In the city, the car feels confident, for it was created for it in due time.

Where the asphalt ends, or goes into the magical category of “Russian roads”, Fiatu has no equal both among “classmates” and among more expensive sedans. The main reason for this is the ground clearance of 18 centimeters and a rather soft suspension, which allows even in bad weather not to deny yourself a trip to the cottage or to the forest. The machine confidently kneads dirt with fourteen inch wheels and does not pass even in front of half-meter fords (although this is better not to check if it is not completely known what is under water). You don’t have to cling to the middle country rut with the bottom, and you can jump out of it, if anything, without any problems. ABS allows you to cope with a skid, and if you had to get into the snow – not a problem: the car, as already mentioned, is light, so it’s easy to push it back.

Fiat Albea is a real gray hard worker, an indispensable family friend both when traveling for shopping (huge trunk), and long distances (comfortable seats, good dynamics and fuel consumption), a summer cottage and fishing (high ground clearance and excellent cross-country ability). Good luck on the road!


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