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Fiat Doblo (Soot and Turbocharger)

Fiat Doblo (Soot and Turbocharger) 1

Without keyword

FIAT DOBLO 1.3 (diesel particulate filter, turbocharger)

Fiat Doblo (Soot and Turbocharger) 2

You can act as you know, only from experience I will say that the most right thing is to go to a reliable car service and solve all your problems there).

Continuing on Fiat Doblo. More than 3,000 the engine did not spin. The car, as the owner said, “crawled and did not drive like that.” He signed up for a software removal of the particulate filter. We carried out the input diagnostics, the error on the soot and turbocharger “hangs”, there were no more errors. Work done. But the diagnostics showed that the previous error was gone, and the error on the turbocharger remained: “Boost pressure exceeded.” They began to understand a little deeper. We figure it out … the turbine at the revs “inflated” overpressure, which greatly exceeded the required, that is, it did not meet the declared parameters, in other words: “the turbine was not controlled and“ blew ”as much as it could“ inflate ”.

Now many cars come to Moscow and other Russian cities from Lithuania, Latvia, etc. Recently there was a film on TV, where they showed how they assemble and prepare cars for sale in Russia. Wooden sills painted the color of a car … two halves of a car welded together … attachments assembled at the corners of a collapsible parking lot … this and another was shown to a Russian audience. To “outbid” (to the seller, slang from the late 1990s and early 2000s), the only thing that matters is: “drive” (sell) the car and get the money. For outbid, the main thing is to make sure that the car does not crumble to the nearest thousand kilometers and meets the declared characteristics.

21st century – new technologies. Turbocharger with “variable geometry” became possible only with the modern development of science and technology. If you click on the link below, you will see how the English-speaking author shows a variant of the work of a “turbocharger with variable geometry”

Pay attention to how the “shoulder blades” go. This is dynamic. And here is how everything looks in statics:

Fiat Doblo (Soot and Turbocharger) 3

In the photo on the left, the shoulder blades are folded. This mode, for example, is suitable for calm movement. In the photo on the right, the blades are deployed, this mode is suitable for sharp acceleration and other similar traffic conditions.

Who cares about the general layout, you can see in the figure below one of the options for the VGT system:

Fiat Doblo (Soot and Turbocharger) 4

What gives such a system: increasing engine power and changing its elasticity. If simpler, it is “a confident start and minimal failures when changing traffic conditions.” This is especially important for drivers in large cities and on highways, when due to traffic situations have to make sharp maneuvers. On a non-turbocharged car, it is quite difficult to evade the next “idiot on wheels” rushing towards you. On a car with an ordinary turbine, it’s easier, but often “acceleration failure” occurs, it is usually called a “turbo-yam”: you press the gas pedal, the electronics process the change in the position of the pedal, give the command … more fuel is fed into the cylinders, the turbine starts to spin up … more air, but the speed is not gaining as fast as we would like in such a situation … then a blow or touch, or what else could happen there.
And on a car with a VGT system, everything happens much faster, and I would even say: “better and more reliable.” That is why it is so important to have a “real engine” under the hood, and not a motor assembled in pieces from incomprehensible things …

At this Fiat Doblo, the program for the removal of the particulate filter was completed. The customer has swept. He returned and asked:
– Everything is clear and nothing is clear. No, the car began to drive better, it is incomprehensible by mistake: why I used to have an error only on the seedling, and now there is an error on the turbine?
And looks so probing …

– Well, ”I said,“ I’ll explain slowly, remember: “Your car stopped driving, the Check Enjine light on the dashboard came on and you went to our car service,?
– Well, like this…
– But you didn’t reach our service, so?
– Well, yes, because I stopped traveling at all.
– Good. You returned and yourself knocked out the seedling, so?
– All right.
– Then they gathered everything and went to us again, – I’m saying everything for sure?
Customer nodded.
– So, when the seedling was clogged, then your turbine could not reach full speed. And when the seedling was knocked out, the turbine began to spin up “all the crap” and provoked the appearance of an error in excess of pressure. The turbine you have is not “native”, it is not controlled … now it’s clear?
But the client did not understand everything:
– So the “check” light was on even before I came to you. So, even then there was a mistake on the turbine?
… there is only calm … calm … calm … and the explanation:
– Exactly. … the so-called “turbine”, that is, the turbocharger, does not have its own control unit and its own separate lamp on the instrument panel to display the error on the turbocharger – the engine control unit displays all the errors on the CHECK ENGINE bulb. I repeat once again: the control unit displays on the light bulb “check” ALL available errors. And they can be read with special diagnostic equipment – a scanner like ours or another similar one. The “check” lamp on you turned on after you yourself knocked out the particulate filter before traveling to us – which was discovered before the operation called “removal of the particulate filter programmatically.” After our work, the error on the seedlings went away and only the error on the turbocharger remained. Why is this so – just said. But I can repeat: “When the seedling was knocked out, the turbine began to spin up” all the nonsense ”and provoked the appearance of an error in overpressure”.

The last thing the client asked was: “- And what should I do now?” Well, what answer did he expect to hear? Or was he hoping for a miracle? I had to upset him: “- Look for a turbocharger from your car, put it and everything will work normally, as it should be.” Well, in the end it was recommended, and readers can take it into service: “When buying a car, you do not need to believe either a“ sweet ”price or a beautiful appearance – do not trust anyone. Check for yourself ».
For those interested in the matter deeper – some links:
Variable geometry turbochargers
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Turbochargers: Variable Geometry Video

PS When I was driving home that day, I thought that people in our specialty should have very strong nerves and be at least a little bit, but psychologists … it’s so hard sometimes to calmly and intelligently explain to the client that “white is white”, that “this arose because of …”. Calm and intelligible. Who else but a car diagnostician can help a motorist. Some people have such a “mess” in their head after reading on the Internet that only a miracle can be given … It is not for nothing that, probably, the words “car doctor” sometimes slip on the Internet. Broad concept.


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