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Fiat Ducato – a new version of the old “hard worker”

Fiat Ducato - a new version of the old "hard worker" 1

Fiat Ducato – a new version of the old “hard worker”

Fiat Ducato - a new version of the old "hard worker" 2

The market is developing, new classes of cars appear, new versions of old cars, one of these new versions – Fiat Ducato – is an Italian with a commercial purpose.

The main task of a commercial vehicle is to make money. A big profit can only be when there are no big expenses. Based on this, a car for work should be as economical as possible, in terms of service, and also very maintainable, and so that this repair does not take a lot of money, in this parameter the unchanging leaders are cars of domestic production (GAZelle, Sobol, Valdai). If we consider the previous generation of Fiat Ducato, then they met all these parameters and were quite popular in the market..

The new generation can be called “facelifting” rather than updating, changes are visible from the outside only in front. “Refreshed” grille and headlights.

The test sample has a 2.2-liter engine with 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. On the go, in the city traffic, the car keeps steady (it must be taken into account that the car is not loaded), the control is quite adequate, except that there are complaints about the suspension.

For greater carrying capacity and reliability, the rear suspension is made more powerful due to the springs, the front suspension is correspondingly stiffer than on cars. The consequence of all this is that an empty car in the literal sense of the word bounces on all the bumps of Russian roads, if you pass them at high speed.

Inside, one feels the “style of a rotting west.” As if the driver of such a car had already “grown” out of the GAZelle, but still saving for Rolls-Royce. Everything is as it should be for commercial vehicles, many places in order to remove certain documents or other personal belongings of the driver. There are armrests, it’s very comfortable, and most importantly, everything is verified, they are exactly where they should. Also, the presence of cup holders, in which a bottle or a thermos fits. The driver’s seat is very comfortable, the seat is adjustable in all planes, there are also steering wheel adjustments. The devices are perfectly readable, except that there is a problem with reading information from the display of the on-board computer, it can be exposed to the sun.

There is also a multimedia system, which has all kinds of options for connecting external devices to it, and it also produces excellent sound, which is only worsened due to not the best sound insulation. There are also many security systems, as well as parking sensors and a rearview camera.

Great commercial vehicle, loading is quite convenient, and it fits a lot in the cargo compartment.

Like its predecessor, it will be very popular in our country due to its practicality, reliability and economy. Great car for making money.


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