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Fiat ducato ads – advantages and disadvantages of different ways of selling

Fiat ducato ads - advantages and disadvantages of different ways of selling 1

Fiat ducato ads – how to sell a used car

Fiat ducato ads - advantages and disadvantages of different ways of selling 2

Different options for selling a Fiat Ducato car – ad submission and car market

Those wishing to sell their “iron horse” today are offered many options for selling it: a car market, posting ads on the Internet, print media, placing ads on the rear window of a car being sold. Let’s try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods.

1. Car market. The biggest advantage of this method of selling a vehicle was the ability to communicate directly with potential buyers. But there are some drawbacks, first of all, it is a fee for entering the market and the loss of a significant part of free time (usually this is a weekend). I must say that all car markets require sellers to enter their territory, some offer to leave the sold car in the market for the night, for which you also have to pay. Expenses also include gasoline and food expenses. Practice shows that one “selling” day costs sellers 6-7 hours of free precious time.

2. You can use for the sale of a car Fiat Ducato ads placed in special newspapers ads for the sale of used cars. If you have chosen this method of sale, then choose the most popular newspapers (the circulation of the newspaper should be large), because in this case the probability is increased that your interested people will nevertheless read your ad. But it has such an option and its drawbacks, it is primarily the inability to give a detailed description of the machine due to the limited length of the ad. In addition to the rest, newspapers for the sale of used cars can be published even three times a week, which is why the seller will have to constantly post an advertisement, unless of course he wants it to come out in the next issue.

3. You can stick an ad is not the rear window of the car. The unconditional advantages of this method of sale can be considered a low price or the fact that it will cost absolutely free, and also the fact that every potential buyer has the opportunity to immediately see the vehicle being sold, at least from the outside. The disadvantages include the fact that the placement on the rear window of your car ads spoils the exterior of the car and may limit the visibility of the driver.

4. Fiat Ducato can also be advertised on the Internet. I must say that the advantages of this method of sale combine just all the disadvantages of the above methods. That is, you don’t have to pay for posting ads, you don’t have to spend free time searching for a buyer, you can describe the car in detail in the ad, and add photos, you do not need to regularly update the offer, the system will automatically remind you when to renew the ad. But there are disadvantages to this method of sale, they include the need for Internet access..

All the above methods of selling a used car are the most common and do not exclude the use of several sale options at once or even all of them at once, especially when a motorist wants to speed up the sale process.


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