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Five-door Mini Cooper

Five-door Mini Cooper 1

Five-door Mini Cooper

Five-door Mini Cooper 2

Many motorists will probably agree that modern cars look somewhat monotonous. Automakers, while developing new models, strive to give them an aggressive appearance and provide body lines with swift lines. As a result, many “predators” appeared on the road, who looked like each other like brothers and sisters.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy a car with an individual appearance for moving around the city, then to do it is quite realistic. Pay attention to the Mini Cooper in a five-door version. Compared with the three-door modification, this car has the following advantages.

Interior Design Features

The compact body size for a city car is an undeniable advantage. A small car has better maneuverability, dynamics, economical in fuel consumption. On it you can easily drive through the narrow streets, park. But, if you have small children, then it will be difficult to seat them in the back seat of a mini car, and even in a child seat. That is why the five-door version of the Mini Cooper is more preferable. Its dimensions and weight are almost the same as the basic version, and it’s more convenient to operate such a car.

Being in the Mini Cooper is comfortable and pleasant. The thick rim of the small steering wheel lies comfortably in the palms of your hands, the color of the instrument illumination can be adjusted as you like. Regular plastic keys are replaced by chrome switches. The digital speedometer is located right in front of your eyes and, in addition to speed indications, you can display a lot of other data on the operation of the units and assemblies of the machine. Moreover, in the basic configuration, Mini Cooper is equipped with a projector that allows you to display the image from the navigation system, the on-board computer directly on the windshield.

Vehicle technical equipment

The three-door version of the Mini Cooper was equipped with an atmospheric 1.6-liter gasoline engine. The five-door version is provided by a more modern 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Thanks to this engine, a car can accelerate to hundreds in just eight seconds. Dynamics will improve if you switch the transmission to Sport mode.

The Mini Cooper platform is very stable. In turns at high speed, the car enters almost without a roll, that is, the probability of tipping over is reduced to almost zero. However, in the basic configuration, Cooper is equipped with a stabilization system and ABS. In general, a lot of attention is paid to safety features in a car. The body is reinforced with additional steel beams in places of possible deformation, numerous airbags and active head restraints are installed in the cabin. As test tests showed, it is very difficult to get serious injuries in the event of an accident on the Mini Cooper.


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