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Ford Expedition – comfortable pickup

Ford Expedition - comfortable pickup 1

Ford Expedition – comfortable pickup

Ford Expedition - comfortable pickup 2

The model is so large that the issue of placing people and cargo does not even arise. Seats can be attached in two or in three rows. The last row is easily canceled, and the penultimate one has the property of folding. This frees up enough space for baggage and cargo..

The engine of the car is powerful, because practice has shown acceleration of the car to hundreds of kilometers per hour in just ten seconds. In Russia there are all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive options.

The latest Ford Expedition has been upgraded to the full program. Its advantages were awarded in full by the manufacturers:

– weight of four tons;

– the dimensions have become even larger;

– trunk volume, provided the seats are folded – 3127;

– autonomous rear suspension;

– third row passenger space improved.

The security system is working properly and its main advantage is the inflated state of the side airbags for six seconds after the accident. If the car is turned over from impact, then passengers have a high chance of life.

Manufacturers have achieved a high level of comfort due to the built-in cruise control, computer and air conditioning..


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