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Ford Explorer SUV – a car for all occasions

Ford Explorer SUV - a car for all occasions 1

Ford Explorer SUV – a car for all occasions

Ford Explorer SUV - a car for all occasions 2

Before you buy a car you need to think about why you need it. If you are going to drive a car from home to work, then a sedan is better for this. Travel lovers should buy a minivan. For trips to nature, you should use an SUV, and a crossover can be an ideal family car. It turns out that a modern person needs a whole home fleet, and to buy such a large number of cars for all occasions is unrealistic. However, there is a vehicle that can replace you with a crossover, minivan and sedan – this is Ford Explorer SUV.

Features of interior design

Ford Explorer has a roomy and comfortable interior. It provides seven full places, which are located in three rows. Moreover, the third row is full, that is, it can accommodate not only children, but also adults of high growth. Boarding the car is carried out through wide doorways. The second row of seats can be fully folded, so you can get into the seats of the third row without any problems.

The driver’s seat is framed competently. There is nothing superfluous on the dashboard, control devices, control keys are in direct access for the driver. On modern cars, the center console is universally equipped with touch screens. Ford Explorer does not have such a screen, since its entire console is a sensor. This allowed to display all the necessary additional controls on the console, and the driver can arrange the menu icons as he sees fit..

On the right, at the driver’s hand is the drive mode switching washer. For example, if you move on dirt, snow, ice, wet asphalt, etc., then just turn the washer to the desired position and components, the car units themselves will choose the optimal driving mode. Therefore, even a driver with a short experience will be able to drive a Ford Explorer in a professional manner.

Technical equipment of the SUV

The car in question is equipped with a 3.5 liter EcoBoost gasoline power unit. The motor is capable of developing a power of 345 liters. from. and accelerate the SUV to hundreds in six seconds. The engine is paired with a 6-speed transmission, the level of fuel consumption in the city is about 15 liters. Gasoline consumption, of course, is significant, but it is worth noting that the EcoBoost engine is quite able to run on 92 gasoline. Therefore, in the end, financial losses on fuel will not be so significant.


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