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Ford F-150

Ford F-150 1

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 2

Ford F-series 150 appeared for the first time in 1948 and passed already after 12 generations, which allows us to consider it a truly legendary car. The new Ford F-150, shown in 2015, was produced by the 13th pickup of the famous American brand. He pleased his fans with extraordinary technical abilities and, as always, a very special appearance..

The appearance of the F-150 is quite original and it is very difficult to compare it with similar representatives. However, there is one similar car, demonstrated a year earlier and on the basis of which, apparently, the new Ford of the 13th generation of the F-series was created. Compared to its predecessor, this type of bodywork formed a rather impressive and characteristic volume car.

The outer shell of the legendary pickup truck looks quite serious, hinting at its unsurpassed power and aggressiveness. All body parts, even the smallest, are perfectly combined with the general background and functionally add to each other all the car’s features.

Definitely the F-150 pickup truck has a really chic look. The radiator grille looks elegant, betraying a certain feature of the car and at the same time it is equipped with shutters that provide the necessary aerodynamics, which open systematically depending on the speed. In addition, this grill allows you to save fuel thanks to such a system.

Pickup F-150 now has a unique side in the rear of the body, which, using specialized technology, will make it easy to load and unload all types of loads. This is facilitated by loading ramps and a high-tech device for coupling with a traction mechanism.

The length of the body base of the F-150 pickup truck came out no more than 5500 mm, and it weighed 320 kg less than its previous colleague, which is associated with the use of various aluminum alloys in the chassis structure and body panel of the car.

The interior of the massive Ford F-series 150 has also undergone changes. The outside view perfectly continues the interior of the car, in which everything is made in a special style inherent in such voluminous and elegant pickups.

All the frames and shapes of the front panel are very impressive immediately after landing in the cabin, especially large is the large display located on the dashboard.

There is simply plenty of space in the 13th F-150, not only passengers in the rear seats, but also the front one, as well as the driver, can feel comfort in chic seats. There are many different special functions for the manager of this car to ensure its safety and ease of use..

The interior style inside the Ford F-series150 can really impress all motorists who prefer rigor and severity in the environment, although it will not disappoint ordinary lovers of cool finishes and grooves in the passenger compartment.

The configuration options in terms of technical specifications for the Ford F-150 release No. 13 provide for four types of gasoline engines, but there should also be a 5th – diesel, but the manufacturers decided not to disseminate information about its parameters worldwide.
All gasoline units of the new F-150 have a system of 6 cylinders, with the exception of the swinging version of the car. Two engines are equipped with turbochargers, as well as an excellent specialized system of efficient fuel consumption, which allows you to significantly save on this resource of consumption.

The first gasoline engine of the 13th F-150 has a working volume of 2.7 liters, the next is 3.5 liters. The third unit with 6 cylinders, as well as the second one, acquired a 3.5 liter volume, and differs in that it is already atmospheric.

The most powerful engine of the 13th version of the Ford F-150 series receives a volume of as much as 5 liters. The horsepower in this modification is 360. Due to its unique function, an independent phase distribution of gases for the valves at their inlet and outlet takes place in the motor.

All four variants of units come with an automatic gearbox operating in 6-band mode. For a 2.7-liter engine, the developers see the future as a perfect machine of its kind with a 9-speed transmission.

The new generation F-150 chassis chassis consists of sufficiently strong steel, which provides additional reliability in the management and behavior of cars in extreme situations.

With the help of precisely bonded parts of the entire structure of the car, his weight was impressively small.

The steering in the new car is now well tuned, in the rear there are springs, which undoubtedly play an important role on the road.

You can purchase this pickup truck with rear or all-wheel drive. After the demonstration of the 13th Ford F-150 in Detroit, it began to be produced in 5 possible trim levels. The price starts from 26 thousand 615 $ and finishes with the maximum pumped build of 52 52 $.


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