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Ford F-250

Ford F-250 1

Ford F-250

Ford F-250 2

In 1953, Ford launched the F-250 pickup truck from the automaker. This car replaced the F-2. Cars receive such names according to their carrying capacity. F-250 in terms of load capacity allows you to transport cargo, the weight of which amounted to 750 kg. The largest weight that a pickup truck such a model can carry up to 3360 kilograms.

First, the engine line included 2 gasoline engines. Since the spring of 1953, the machine receives an automatic transmission as an additional option. A year later, 2 more engines were prepared for the car. In the same year, the property is added in the form of a power steering. Thanks to this option, the handling of the machine was increased by more than fifty percent. In 1956, the volume of some engines increased.

In 1957, a new modification of the pickup truck came out. The hood is brand new, the grille is now chrome plated. Some more body parts have changed. Since May 1957, truck assembly from a Michigan plant has been transferred to Kentucky. In 1959, an all-wheel drive system was added to the options. After the modification, the Ford F-250 was divided into 2 versions of the F-25 and F-26. The difference between the two versions was the mass that was available for transportation. The F-26 could carry a larger mass than the F-25. This time, three varieties entered the engine line.

In 1961, the next modification, the fourth, was released. This time the body was completely changed, because of which the pickup became visually wider. In 1967, F-Series trucks underwent renewal again. In 1968, due to the newly introduced regulations, Ford had to equip pickups with large reflectors. Thanks to this, the symbol of the company has changed. After 5 years, the sixth modification comes out, in which they again change their appearance. Changes suffered a radiator grill in 1976. In these years, they begin to identify models in a new way. The powertrain line has expanded to seven different engines. In 1980, a series of cars again changed its appearance, which acquired aggressive lines. Since 1987, the 8th modification of the machine began to be produced. This time, manufacturers changed the design of the machine. Ford F-250 in 1992 produces another modification. In 1997, the car company released the tenth modification. Since 2004, they have been releasing a new modification, which can be seen in the markets today. Ford talked about changing the appearance of the F-250 pickup in 2009.


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