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Ford Fiesta One for All

Ford Fiesta One for All 1

Ford Fiesta One for All

Ford Fiesta One for All 2

The brand new Ford Fiesta is perhaps the most unusual of all generations of this lineup. And Fiesta is the first car focused not on just one local market, but on the entire market as a whole, a sort of global version of the car. This is the most ambitious project of the company since the legendary Ford T.

The B-segment has been developing very dynamically lately. Such cars are no longer just urban mini-cars. Now they are striving to occupy the niche of sports cars, and Ford Fiesta has stepped far forward in this direction..

Now the trend is setting an aggressive style, so small cars have to follow fashion trends to stay afloat. These small cars, whose price range is about 400-450 thousand rubles, are still very far from real sports, but almost every one of them has a “charged” brother.

The class of subcompact cars has long been renamed the “Fiesta” class by analogy with the “Golf” class. The successful existence of the Ford Fiesta is characterized by just a huge number of cars sold. They have been sold since 1976 over 12 million units. If Europeans love Fiesta, then the British simply idolize her. For Ford Fiesta, the UK has become a truly gold mine. Every fourth car sold there was a Ford Fiesta. That is why Ford is first trying to present its new small car in England. Production Fiesta will be launched this summer. It will most likely be available to the British by the end of the year, but Europeans and Russians will have to wait for a new Fiesta until next year.

With the new Fiesta, Ford has embarked on a new era — the era of global product development (GPDS) automobile development. The company has moved away from the practice of model localization for various markets. If earlier the distinctive features of the countries of Europe and Asia, the American continent and third world countries dictated the conditions for producing completely dissimilar cars for them, now globalization has risen so much that the difference in cultures in different parts of the world has been minimized, and Ford Fiesta was the first car to make step towards globalization and universalization.

In addition to sports design, luxury also becomes available for the B-segment. The quality of the materials used in these small cars, and especially in their top versions, is no less inferior to the quality of materials for premium cars. Finishing options begin with techno-style, modern and end with traditional conservative black plastic. The unusual design and complex shape of the details of the car’s interior space – all this has become available for the B-class, and not just for older brothers. For example, the steering wheel of the new Fiesta contains six different materials, and the elegant interior lighting in the dark shows all its charm. And, although the mass production can not but affect quality, Ford promises to approach the production of Fiesta with all responsibility. So the quality of this baby promises to be no lower than her brothers in a higher class.

The availability and small dimensions of modern electronics have pushed their use everywhere, including in cars of an inexpensive segment. One can no longer be surprised at the presence of a GPS system or an advanced multimedia system in a small budget machine. So, in the new Fiesta you can find cruise control, a color monitor, various automation and electronic systems. Fiesta is equipped with the Hands Free system, and you can also connect an mp3 player to its multimedia system. The only things that have not yet been implemented in this baby are night vision systems and road marking tracking systems.

Fiesta’s security has also grown to the level of older brothers. Now Fiesta is equipped with seven airbags and an electronic active safety system, not inferior to more expensive models. Perhaps the only thing that will not be enough for her is the inner space.

Fiesta can be equipped with various engines, their choice is wide. The top version is equipped with a 120-strong 1.6-liter Ti-VCT engine, which will accelerate to 100 km / h in 9.9 s. The 1.6 liter diesel is a little less powerful. Its power is 90 hp, it will be a little calmer than its hot brother and will accelerate the car to hundreds in 11.9 s. Other engines will also be available. This is a power plant with a volume of 1.25 liters and a capacity of 60 and 80 hp, also with a 1.4 liter installation and a power of 96 hp, well, the diesel version of 1.4 liters is 68 hp. Optionally, Fiesta can be equipped with an automatic transmission.


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