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Ford fiesta

Ford fiesta 1

Ford fiesta

Ford fiesta 2

In the west, this car is quite popular. She ranks second in the ranking of cars for sale in 2014 in Europe.

The current generation Ford Fiesta was released about seven years ago, but is still present in showrooms in a new state. Design changes in 2012 affected mainly the front end. Car versions for Europe are represented by 3- and 5-door hatchback cars.

Despite its small size and overall compactness, the car has five stars for crash tests EuroNCAP.

The interior has become more vivid and festive, the steering wheel is comfortable three-spoke. The buttons for controlling the multimedia system are made in the style of Vertu phones. When ordering a machine, you can choose the color scheme of both panels and cladding.

The design is generally modern, even for the present. Trim is traditionally made of high-quality soft plastic, it is durable. Space for tall people is not enough, the legs will abut the adjacent seats. The width will also be insufficient for three.

Noise isolation is not at a high level, there are problems with the car radio.

The engines of the new Ford Fiesta have remained from the previous model, but have undergone changes and improvements. All models have front-wheel drive. Transmissions are represented by three types: mechanics, automatic and robotic MKP Powershift with two clutches. The most advanced was the automatic gearbox from Japanese manufacturers. The peculiarity of the work of the “robot” from Ford is small jerks at the beginning of movement. A manual gearbox is most susceptible to breakdowns, an axle oil seal and a gearshift rod often leak.

Good running car. The car is easy to keep on the road, even with a very active type of ride. This contributes to the sharp steering (designed for 2.8 turns). The suspension is quite reliable and suitable for our type of road. The only thing that requires frequent replacement is the stabilizer struts. They will have to be updated every – 65-80 thousand km. The gum of the rear beam can withstand 200 thousand km.

Total. The machine is not without reason considered a bestseller in European countries. It combines an attractive design and good driving performance. The car has an affordable price and fairly high reliability. It is still recommended to buy a gasoline version with automatic transmission.


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