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Ford Focus RS Hatchback

Ford Focus RS Hatchback 1

Ford Focus RS – “charged” hatchback German assembly

Ford Focus RS Hatchback 2

The fact that the vast majority of “foreign cars” sold in our country is completed at domestic enterprises is not a secret. Nevertheless, in dealerships it is quite possible to find vehicles that are produced abroad. One such car is the Ford Focus RS. This is a “charged” hatchback of German assembly with real German quality. Focus RS is equipped with a large number of high-tech options, has an exclusive appearance of the body and a presentable interior.

Exterior body and interior

In the external appearance of the body, the front part attracts special attention. The hood is decorated with embossed stamping, the radiator grill is made in the shape of a trapezoid. The headlights are equipped with bi-xenon, fog lights and a lower spoiler are installed on the bumper. In the aft there is a wing, the bottom of the bumper is equipped with a double bell of the exhaust system. The wheel arches are expanded, under them are large, 19-inch wheels. As you probably already noticed in appearance, the “charged” version differs markedly from the Ford Focus serial car.

The interior of the car is decorated in a sporty style. The interior is trimmed with soft plastic, Alcantara, the steering wheel rim is trimmed with leather. Recliners reliably fix the body, can be adjusted in various directions by means of an electric drive. On the dashboard in deep wells installed speedometer and tachometer. Between them is a color display on-board computer. The center console is designed in almost the same way as the serial version. The differences are only in the fact that in the upper part of the console there are sensors that indicate the pressure in the turbine, oil temperature and display other data. In addition, the central panel contains controls for the multimedia system, audio system, climate control. Some control components are displayed on an 8-inch touch screen.

Power plant specifications

The car in question is equipped with a gasoline 320-horsepower unit with a volume of 2.3 liters. The engine is equipped with a fuel supply system directly to the combustion chamber and has excellent dynamics. The car is able to accelerate to hundreds in five seconds, and develop a speed of up to 270 km / h. Focus RS has four-wheel drive, speeds are switched by means of a mechanical gearbox.


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