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Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST 1

Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST 2

The employees of the concern’s subsidiary bureau, specializing in the production of modifications with a sporty character, tensed and made a model that only slightly lags behind the RS version in terms of power. They created and implemented a modification of the equipment, after installation, which the owner will retain the manufacturer’s warranty.

In a public modification of the Ford Focus ST, the hatchback power unit produces two hundred and fifty horses, which the manufacturer managed to achieve thanks to the turbocharging of a standard two-liter. Bureau engineers calibrated the engine control system, as a result of which the response to a change in the position of the accelerator was accelerated, and power indicators increased significantly. This modification, with the same working volume, has twenty-five more horses in the engine compartment, and the maximum torque is four hundred newton meters. In addition to changing the software, an updated turbine impeller was installed, and several additional parts.

The manufacturer said that the new Ford Focus ST modification was successfully tested on the highways of Foggy Albion, the city of angels, and even left its mark on the Nurburgring pavement. Thanks to this, the sports division managed not to lose the warranty provided by the official manufacturer.

The estimated cost of the innovation is two thousand US dollars, although the circle of organizations authorized to supply it is limited to a licensed dealer network.


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