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Ford fusion

Ford fusion 1

Without keyword

Not so long ago, the Whatsapp messenger of our master receiver received an alarming message from the owner of the car mentioned in the header: when the stove is turned on, the engine temperature drops very quickly. So, in the car too. And if the owner can come to terms with the first fact, then with the second – well, nothing at all. The master-acceptor promptly, but allegedly made the diagnosis, “thermostat”, and urged the car owner to come soon – to fix the car, drink tea and coffee, sit at the stove. Well, he came, and where to go.

Ford fusion 2

Ford Fusion car repair methods are simple and straightforward. The first and main step, which you can’t do without, is to look under the hood and roll out swiftly at the linkers of the engine compartment. No, they are well done actually, cram so many things into such a limited space.

Usually with cars of this arrangement (engine across, gearbox to the left of the engine in the direction of travel), the thermostat is located somewhere above the box, plus or minus, of course. Well, poke right with your eyes closed – you won’t miss. Ford, however, went his own way, and placed the thermostat right next to the pump. What’s next to the pump is not in itself scary, but the fact that under the generator is worse. Here is somewhere in there:

Ford fusion 3

See the thermostat in the photo? And I do not see. And he is there. First, throw off the headlight, good, for this you need to unscrew only three screws:

Well here he is, two hoses come straight to him:

In general, if you google on request “fusion replacement thermostat”, you can find a report that includes a long clip-on encoder and a complex structure with three cardan shafts, at the end of which there is an 8-head.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any gynecologists in the service this day, therefore, having uttered the usual mantra (I don’t translate it and do not voice it, I have bad French …), we started removing the generator. On this Duratec 1.6 itself, there is no belt tensioner. Belts are worn on fixed pulleys. Literally pulled. In general, who does not remember, Duratec is from the word durable – reliability, therefore. But when you look at these constructive solutions, you understand that not only reliability was the reason for this name. Well, let’s throw away our linguistic research, the machine won’t do itself.

In general, according to the service manual, these belts must be cut for removal and new ones should be installed. But we are not dealers, we can backtrack from service manuals. Therefore, to remove, the lower bolt of the generator is simply loosened, and the upper bolt and stud are completely unscrewed. Then, when the belt is removed, the generator falls limply in our hands:

Ford fusion 4

The belt hangs, intact, and awaits return to its place:

Alternator Mounting Bolts:

And finally, we can normally get to the thermostat housing:

In general, “normal” – the concept in this case is relative, the basic course of technical gynecology must be passed. Specifically, besides this bolt, which is in sight, there are three more. Two under the body, and another close-close to the intake manifold. To get them, all three, and not to drop them – the task is still. But here we finally unscrewed the thermostat housing, and got the hero of the occasion:

The gum put on the thermostat turned out to be an insidious spare part. First, a new thermostat was installed with a new rubber band. Then, when pouring antifreeze, he poured a stream, we realized that something went wrong. They compared the outer radius of the old and new gum – they differed quite a lot. New significantly less. Nothing to do – set with the old. Now, when pouring antifreeze, it simply dripped. It turned out that where the second antifreeze channel goes, the gasket also wore out quite a bit. Having uttered the next technological spell, we took out a toyot sealant that was in short supply one thousand per tube, put it on the thermostat housing, and installed it for the third time, accompanying it with such words that provide an increase in tightness by at least one degree.

For understanding – we are talking about the gaskets indicated on the diagram below as 8590 and 6840A.

By the way, during installation it really saves the life hack spied on by – put a bolt in the head with a seal from a piece of paper. Then it does not fall out and holds firmly. Otherwise, it’s scary to think how many times you would have to drop it before it spun into place.

Then everything is simple. The generator must be put on the bottom bolt (screwing it literally five to ten turns so that it already holds firmly, but gives the generator enough freedom), put a belt on it, then raise the generator as high as possible, insert the upper bolt and the pin, knock them out a little, so that they reach the thread set – and screw in. In the case when the belt is already decent years and it is well stretched, it works. On a fresh belt, this action is not recommended to be repeated, since, firstly, it will be very difficult to pull it up until it gets into the hole with studs, and secondly, with such efforts, it is possible to spoil the thread in the aluminum bracket, which will be rather unpleasant. If the belt is not yet very stretched – there are no options, it is better to wear it only in the classical way.

The summary of all this is:
– when replacing the thermostat on this engine, special attention must be paid to the outer diameter of the thermostat gasket, and it is also necessary to order a second gasket;
– a head for 15 – must be in the household of a self-respecting fusion guide;
– a mandrel to put on the generator belt must be with a self-respecting serviceman serving the fusion.


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