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Ford galaxy

Ford galaxy 1

Ford galaxy

Ford galaxy 2

In 1995, Ford together with Volkswagen released a new model of the Galaxy minivan. Inside the car, there are a lot of features from Volkswagen. The panel and console were similar. Even the appearance resembled a similar model.

But Ford noticed a competitive ability of the model and decide to individualize it. Thus, a couple of years after the release of the car will be modernized. Strongly changed the interior design, which betrayed more family lines. The interior added plastic, metal colors. Due to this, visually created free space. In addition, this move simply betrayed the interior with style. Other elements of the cabin underwent modifications – the steering wheel, seats, dashboard and more. In an additional, more expensive layout, it is possible to order various options: display, GPS, Internet access and the like. The design of the car has also changed. Updated the grille, changed the head optics. Replaced the taillights. Buyers noted excellent visibility from the driver’s seat, and easy and soft handling.

In 1999, the model was updated again. This time, efforts were directed at giving the appearance of the car classic family lines. Changed the style of the body. Smooth and soft lines became sharp. For interior trim used a new material. All seats in the cabin are perfectly adjustable, which allows a person of any configuration to sit down. Also, all seats have seat belts. The engine range has gasoline and diesel units. Install either a six-speed or five-speed gearbox. All automatic gearboxes have a manual shift mode..

In Geneva, 2006 represent the third modification of the Ford Galaxy. In terms of size, the minivan has clearly become more than its previous modifications. In the design of the machine, all the same sharp lines and coal are noticeable. Also in the design, models were added to sports motifs. A line of engines got new ones and updated old units. For the car prepared 3 gasoline and 3 diesel engines.

In 2010, Ford’s car is again undergoing changes. The hood of the model was made more prominent, chrome objects were added to the design of the car. Bumper models lowered slightly down. Updated grille. For decoration added a couple of new materials. Installed a high-quality audio system. The roof has got a reflective coating.


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