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Ford mustang

Ford mustang 1

Ford mustang

Ford mustang 2

In the 60s of the last century, Ford introduced the new Mustang. Initially, the car was given a completely different name – Ford Cougar. Just before the start of production, preferences were given to the name that the car still has. After the release of the model, the symbol (emblem) of the machine, in the form of a horse, was chosen. This logo was chosen because of the name of the model..

The world saw Mustang in 1964. It was presented in two types – a sedan (two-door) and a convertible. The car market has very well received the new car. Two years later, more than a million cars of this model were sold. Appearance Mustang was truly unforgettable and stylish. The car was low-set, had a sporty look, the hood was oblong. Buyers liked the really powerful engine, the elegant design and the normal price. The popularity of the model brought a line of various additional equipment. For example, starting in 1966, you could choose one of thirty-four colors that would make the interior of the car. Soon it was possible to purchase a sports modification Mustang. This time the engine was exchanged for a special sports engine. In 1967, the acquired dimensions of the car became noticeable. The line of units was already 8 engines. A year later, there are 2 more new units. At the end of the 60s, the Ford Mustang sports look was modified. In 1969, the model went through a complete modification. The length of the wheel increases. New engines are appearing. The Boss version was created to participate in NASCAR. Many parts were made from special, light metal alloys. Installed an even more powerful engine. Replace the front suspension. This version has a 4-step sports transmission.

After 10 years, a modification of the Ford Mustang appears. Although the car has decreased in size, the creators managed to save all 3 body types. In 1978, a third modification of the model appears. Decreased in appearance of the body. Angular lines appeared in the design. Four years later, two more varieties of the body appear. In 984, high-speed modifications of the car appear. In 19997, the following modification appears. True, in 2000 it was finalized. Mustang got a formidable, slightly aggressive design. The emblem of the car got a chrome bezel. Updated a number of engines. Five years later, a modified sports Mustang came out.


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