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Ford ranger

Ford ranger 1

Ford ranger

Ford ranger 2

In 1982, Ford introduced the Ranger pickup truck. This car was replaced by the Ford Courier model. Soon, the Ranger became the most popular car in the United States. From the very beginning of its release, the model has been constantly changing and improving. Thanks to these improvements, the car has become a modern and stylish model..

In the early years of its existence, the car has a springy suspension in front. The drive at first was only rear. The model has 3 types of cabs -2-seater, one and a half, full-fledged 2nd. Ford Ranger pulled in a large mass, approximately 700 kilograms. After a short period of time, the car was equipped with an all-wheel drive system. She had a suspension in front. The wheels were produced in two types, which differed in size. There were 4 complete sets. With the most expensive assembly, the pickup became chrome plated. Plus, the equipment was top notch. In 1985, a new layout was introduced. It also includes comfortable seats that have the shape of a bucket. Also in this case, increase the diameter of the wheel. In 1987, another version of the assembly appeared, in which there are special tires, developed an off-road tread. A year later, another assembly appears, which acquired an additional body kit. But soon this layout was discontinued due to low demand.

Six years after the release of the Ford Ranger, its modification appears. The overall design of the car has changed, and the interior has also been changed. The wheels on the back got ABS. New powerful units appeared in the engine line. In 1992, the 3rd modification appeared. She was most different from the previous generation. Strong changes were made to the car externally and mechanically. The front end looked completely different. Updated the entire range of engines. After the third modification, this model enters the foreign market. Connections with this event put the car on another, completely new platform. In 1998, the model was divided into 2 lines – the external and internal market. The following modification helped increase the wheelbase of the Ranger..

The new Ranger saw the world in 2004. This time, changes have occurred in a number of different layouts. In the anniversary of the model, two significant events took place. In America, it was decided to stop the production of the machine. In Europe, a new, 6th modification of the model came out. This time, increased the range of engines and gearboxes.


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