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Ford SUVs

Ford SUVs 1

Ford SUVs

Ford SUVs 2

Most consumers classify this SUV as a “good choice at an affordable price.” Ford Escape (also called Maverick) is sold in four versions: XLS, SportXLT, XLT, and with a combined engine. The XLS version is fitted with a 2.3-liter engine producing 152 hp. Sport XLT and XLT are equipped with a three-liter power unit Duratec V6 with a capacity of 200 horses. All cars are equipped with an intelligent 4WD system that is able to automatically transmit torque to the axis that is best used at the moment. This achieves excellent car performance and fuel economy. In the release of this model, you will not be afraid of any off-road.

The Escape Hybrid was introduced back in 2004, it was recognized as the first car from America, which secured the glory of the most economical SUV in the world. On a fully filled tank, you can leave for 700 kilometers. This demonstrates that the presented model has a rather capacious gas tank. Distinct differences from the traditional Escape are not noticeable.

The presented model today is one of the most famous, over the past 14 years it has repeatedly climbed to the top of popularity. However, this does not prevent the manufacturer from systematically improving the model. The new release of the car received a chrome radiator grille, updated taillights and doors. Noise isolation is also increased. The whole car takes on a new attractive look and, quite likely, there will be real excitement among buyers.

The new Ford Expedition is a large, real SUV, recognized as a family jeep. The model is equipped with a modern 5.4-liter Triton V8 engine, which guarantees acceptable traction with relatively moderate fuel consumption. The car is equipped with the Control Trac 4WD design, which provides the ability to choose four modes of motion options. Buy this model, which can save fuel.

Ford Expedition is equipped with an additional third row of seats, now it is possible to carry up to 9 people. And if you put these two rows of seats, then Expedition turns into a rather capacious body.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac – a new word in the line of Ford jeeps. Specified by the car in its original dual purpose, it can be a five-seater SUV or a full-fledged pickup truck with a body size of about 4 feet. ABS function as standard.


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