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Ford Tourneo Connect – Purpose and Use

Ford Tourneo Connect - Purpose and Use 1

Ford Tourneo Connect – Purpose and Use

Ford Tourneo Connect - Purpose and Use 2

Ford has recently brought to the attention of experts several cars mounted on commercial van platforms, but viewed in a completely different light – “cars for the whole family.” For this purpose, one can also see quite worthy representatives among commercial “workhorses”. After all, their base contains reliability, efficiency, excellent control qualities, and finally, high engine efficiency.

But relying on cargo transportation, the developers did not pay due attention to the convenience and comfort of passengers. For example, in the previous generation Ford Tourneo Connect was equipped with aft springs, which made the car tough, and not shining filigree control.

The new Tourneo (Ford Transit line) is as close as possible to passenger cars and practically does not differ from them, neither in comfort, nor in softness, nor in ease of operation.

The car offers a small gasoline engine (4 cylinders) EcoBoost, and Duratorg turbocharged diesels. In the suspension, abandoning the springs, a torsion beam and new dampers were installed, and an electric power amplifier appeared in the steering mechanism. The driver’s seat with its ergonomics is very similar to the Ford Focus model. Only the front panel, plastic softlook, is soft, and the chair is taller.

The car interior can be transformed at will, while there is so much free space that it can accommodate even bulky cargo, such as a bicycle, without first disassembling it.

But along with the advantages, Tourneo has its drawbacks. For example, the passenger seats of the passenger rows allow you not to bang your head against the ceiling when the car is moving, but when sitting down in them, you don’t know how it is more convenient to place your knees, plus a rather low limit for retractable head restraints.

The machine is adapted for use in countries with harsh winters. Among the equipment there are several heating systems: seats, windows, and sometimes steering wheel. For this class, these are rare options. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, the machine has been supplied for more than a year. All complete sets with diesel internal combustion engines, and gasoline units are available only on request from authorized dealers.

It must be added that in passenger versions the car is sold in 2 versions of the body (short and long), and a cargo version is also offered. You can ask dealers about prices for all configurations or read in price lists, although there is information that new cars will not critically differ in cost from previous generations.


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