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Fuel filter for honda cr-v iii – which one to install?

By admin

Honda SRV 3rd generation (release 2007-2011, and restyled in 2009) has become quite popular not only in the domestic market, but also in a number of other countries. Fuel filter SRV 3 differs in the type of engine, as well as whether it is a restyled version of the car. Also, this spare part will have a different number depending on the market for which the car was produced. Original fuel filter manufacturer – TOYO ROKI.

In addition to the main filter (aka fine filter), the car is also equipped with a pump mesh (it is a coarse fuel filter). It is designed for primary screening of large debris particles. On the Honda CR-V III, it is installed in the same place as on most cars – in the fuel tank, attached to the pump, which in turn is located on a special module.

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Fuel filter for SRV 3 – which one to buy, where is it located?

Fuel filter for honda cr-v iii - which one to install? 1


On all Honda SRV 3 with gasoline engines 2.4 and 2.0, the fuel filter is located in the gas tank, and is installed in a special unit (module). Unlike many other cars with a similar placement of the gas filter, on the 3rd generation CR-V this module is collapsible, and the fine filter element (like some other parts of the module) can be changed separately. The operating pressure of the fuel in this unit is always 3 bar.

Fuel filters for petrol SRV 3 differ depending on the market for which the car is produced – Europe or the USA. But, in fact, they are completely the same, but differ only in the article number. Many drivers point out that the American version is even cheaper with the same quality. And so they try to buy it.

Also, a feature of this fuel filter is that it makes up almost the main part of the module. And when replacing, it does not change except that only the plastic case and the pump with a grid.

Dimensions of the fuel filter for petrol Honda CR-V III
vendor code Diameter of pipes, inlet / outlet, mm Height, mm Diameter, mm
17048SWWE00 (for Europe) 9.5 210 122
17048SWA000 (for USA)

The most famous and commonly used substitutes are presented below. For both variants (US and European market) they are the same.

ManufacturerArticlePrice, rub.
Masuma MFF-H516 1000
JS Asakashi FS-8020 1800
LYNXauto LF-954M 1700

As for the mesh filter, it is not sold separately, only complete with a pump, and therefore does not have its own article. For the European market, the fuel pump has the article 17045SWWE01, for the American market – 17045SWA000. They do not differ from each other. If you only need to replace the mesh, then drivers most often use the popular analogue from Masuma – MPU-033, price – 230 rubles, or the original from Toyota – 2321750100, price – 600 rubles.

Fuel filter for Honda SRV 3 diesel

Officially, the third generation of SRV with diesel engines was not supplied to the domestic market. But thanks to the gray schemes, it is also quite common, and has some popularity. On this configuration, the fuel filter is located in the engine compartment.

The fine fuel filters for diesel CR-V 3 differ depending on the car restyling. On the pre-styling versions with I-CTDI engines, spin-on filters with a metal housing were used. After restyling cars with an I-DTEC diesel engine that meets the Euro-5 standard, there are already fuel filters in the form of a replaceable cartridge (cassette), without their own body.

Dimensions of the fuel filter for diesel Honda CR-V III
vendor code Car version Thread (if available Height, mm Diameter, mm
16901RJLE01 Dorestyle М36х1.5 120 93
16901RL0G01 Restyle 123 67

Fuel filter for honda cr-v iii - which one to install? 2


Fuel filter for honda cr-v iii - which one to install? 3


This filter also applies to other Honda vehicles – Accord and FR-V.

Analogues that are most often used by drivers are presented below.

ManufacturerArticlePrice, rub.
Analogs for diesel CR-V III dorestyle
Masuma MFF-3169 500
Sakura FC-1707 500
Analogs for diesel CR-V III Restyle
Alco MD-663 900
Bosch F026402829 800

The filter mesh is also available for diesel versions of the car, too, only complete with a pump. You do not need to change it separately, you can simply rinse it periodically. Pump article for SRV 3 before restyle – 17045SWYE00, after – 17045SWYE01.

When to change the fuel filter?

According to the regulations of the Honda SRV maintenance, the replacement of the fuel filter for cars with gasoline engines should be made every 90 thousand km. Moreover, if the car is operated in difficult conditions, the manufacturer recommends doing this every 45 thousand. If it is a diesel engine, then the fuel filter must be changed every 30 thousand km..

The mesh filter does not need to be changed. It can be rinsed with acetone after one TO.

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