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Gas 53 dump truck – specifications, description, owner reviews

Gas 53 dump truck - specifications, description, owner reviews 1

Gas 53 dump truck – specifications, performance, advantages and disadvantages

Gas 53 dump truck - specifications, description, owner reviews 2

Overview of the car GAZ 53 dump truck: specifications, owner reviews

The most popular truck of the USSR was the GAZ 53 dump truck, the technical characteristics of which many owners considered outstanding. The car went off the assembly line for 30 years and during this time more than 4 million copies of cars under this name were produced.

GAZ 53 is a medium-tonnage truck of the Soviet era, produced from 1961 to 1992 at the Gorky Automobile Plant. It is worth noting that the technical characteristics of the GAZ 53 dump truck contributed to the fact that this truck was in service with all sectors of the economy.

Due to the fact that the GAZ 53 cab is all-metal and designed for three passengers, this feature makes this truck similar to AvtoZIL-130: a compact cabin area, several protruding wings and a long hood. I must say that since the start of production, the GAZ 53 truck has been changed several times, as a rule, these changes concerned only the design. The first generation of the truck was distinguished by the location of the headlights on top, and under them were the sidelights. In 1975-1985, the truck was distinguished by headlights located below and a “smile” of the radiator lining. And the latest generation of the car was distinguished by new marker lights and a larger cladding.

On the chassis of the GAZ 53 truck, a number of cars were produced for a variety of transportation. Especially for the army, an option was launched with a pre-heater, a 105-liter larger fuel tank and additional equipment. The latest generation of this truck was produced in two additional versions with two engines running on compressed natural gas propane and methane. The car was exported to Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Hungary, North Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Cuba and Vietnam.

Curb truck GAZ 53 weighs 3200 kg, it is equipped with 20-inch tires and a 90-liter gas tank. The rear and front suspension are spring independent, and the rear also has telescopic shock absorbers. The braking system of both axles is drum type brakes. According to GAZ 53 reviews, the process of taxiing this truck is a rather difficult task due to the lack of power steering.

During the release of the truck it was equipped with a wide variety of power units, so the power of the GAZ 53 engine in each case depends on its load capacity. For example, the GAZ 53 van of the first generation was equipped with an 82-horsepower forced six-cylinder engine and was installed in tandem with a 4-speed gearbox. From 1964 to 1983, the machine was equipped with a 115-horsepower eight-cylinder unit and a 4-speed gearbox, had a load capacity of 4000 kg. The engine power of the latest generation GAZ 53 has increased to 120 hp, and the payload is up to 4,500 kg. As for the engines running on liquefied gas, the methane engine power was 105 hp, and propane – 100 hp, and their maximum speed was the same and amounted to 90 km / h.

Reading reviews of the GAZ 53 truck, it can be concluded that over many years of production and operation, this vehicle has established itself in the environment of motorists as a reliable, maintainable and technically simple car. This truck can be repaired even in the field, and spare parts for it can be found in the markets in abundance. Its resource before overhaul with normal care is 400,000 km.


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