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Gas Diesel: Double Economy or Double Problems?

Gas Diesel: Double Economy or Double Problems? 1

Gas Diesel: Double Economy or Double Problems? – Page 2

How is a gas diesel ?

If we compare the operating principles of a gas-gasoline engine and a diesel engine, the first difference will be very fundamental: it is impossible to completely turn off the liquid fuel supply, as in the gasoline version, on a diesel engine. Diesel fuel must be supplied to the cylinders in a minimal amount: approximately the same amount as it is required for the engine to idle – to ignite the gas-air mixture. It turns out that a gas-diesel engine uses two fuels at the same time, and automatic gas “mixes” the mixture with a certain proportion, depending on the speed and load. In total, a gas diesel engine can partially save costs by replacing a certain amount of diesel fuel with gas.

Concerning the gas itself – we will talk further about propane-butane, since the methane installation is more expensive, high-pressure cylinders are heavy and bulky, much more space is required for their installation, CNG filling stations are less common than gas stations with liquefied gas, and for the operation (and refueling) of vehicles with methane requires special permission. And the cost of methane lately has been much higher than propane-butane: 13 UAH / cubic meter. m. against 8 UAH / liter (as of the end of March 2016). Even if “up to a dime” displays the difference in consumption of “cubes versus liters,” the cumbersomeness and high cost of the compressed gas plant will not go anywhere.

Gas Diesel: Double Economy or Double Problems? 2

Which diesel engine can be installed HBO?

At present – on any, even with electronically-controlled fuel injection pump and Ccommon Rail system, including a turbocharger. It is most “simple” to install HBO on a diesel engine with an “old” mechanical pump and direct control of it. In this case, the gas cylinder is very similar to the “gasoline” one, gas mixing is controlled mechanically, with the help of a small design change of the injection pump control unit.

With electronically controlled diesels, things are a little more complicated. And the newer the engine, the higher the compliance with Euro standards, the more difficult it is to “dig in”. But still, it is quite possible to do this. The “trick” of HBO for diesel engines of the last years of production is that gas is supplied parallel to diesel fuel, and the required power is achieved with less pressure on the accelerator pedal. At the same time, at idle and at full speed, gas is not supplied at all, so as not to damage the engine. Regular control automation perceives such a “trick” as working on very high-quality diesel fuel, and since the required power set by the “gas” pedal is reached, it itself reduces the injection dose of diesel fuel, which is replaced by an appropriate dose of gas. Some systems also apply forced restriction of the supply of diesel fuel by connecting a separate electronic “chip” to the engine control unit.


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