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Gas powered car

Gas powered car 1

Without keyword

The reason for writing this material was the topics that arise now and then on the “expanses” of the Internet about the justification or vice versa, the use of alternative fuel, in this case propane-butane.
And as always there are supporters and opponents.
So I decided to share the experience of installing and operating a car on gas …

I started my first experience in operating and repairing a gas-powered car in 1997 when I acquired a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant with a 4G37 MPI engine, a Dutch-installed Poly Auto system with a fully mechanical gearbox with vacuum control and ejector feed through a mixer installed in front of the throttle damper.

Subsequently, these gears were produced in Ryazan under license. What I really liked in the experience of operating this car is the cheapness of gas in relation to gasoline, the difference was several times, and the “softness” of the internal combustion engine operation in all operating ranges .
The system did not deliver any particular problems and it all boiled down to the usual condensate drain from the gearbox and exhaust control at the gas analyzer, but this is a prelude, so to speak.

Four years ago I bought another car, namely the 1995 Mitsubishi Space Runner with 4G93 MPI engine, mileage was 107,000 km.
And as always after the acquisition I want some kind of “tuning”, so to speak, to prepare the car “for myself” and then I remembered that I had a gas car and why not repeat the past experience?
I have a summer cottage two hundred kilometers from the city – this is one way, and there, there and back – it’s almost 500 km., And the trips will eat up a sufficient part of the budget, agree!

He studied the issue of “what manufacturers of gas equipment for a particular car recommend” and by comparing and accessibility of acquisition, the choice fell on the Italian Landi Renzo system with electronic control of gas supply through the mixer. How this happens in practice, I will explain in a nutshell.
The lambda control unit is installed parallel to the standard engine control unit and receives the signal from the throttle position sensor and lambda probe, then it calculates the received values ​​and sends a command to the step meter installed at the gas reducer output. At the same time, to the motor ECU (electronic engine control unit), the lambda signal is emulated, although you can send a direct one (it is configured programmatically). Everything, as we see, is extremely simple .

Gas powered car 2
Gas powered car 3

Now a little theory, namely, what are the advantages besides the cheap fuel we get.
The first is the non-washing off of the oil film from the cylinder walls, the second is the complete absence of detonation, since the octane number of the gas is higher and amounts to about 105 units and, as a result, an increase in the engine life and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere..

Gas powered car 4

Now in support of his words about reducing engine wear.
During operation, a disease typical of this type of engine was found, expressed in oil leakage from under the cylinder head in the area of ​​the oil supply line.

Gas powered car 5
Gas powered car 6

An autopsy revealed an eye-pleasing cleanliness under the valve cover and a complete absence of oil sludge, possibly due to the use of normal Mobil S 5W40 oil and normal general temperature conditions, as it is believed that when working on gas the engine is more thermally loaded – in principle, I agree with this, but in part, since it all comes down to the final settings of the system, this will be discussed below.

Gas powered car 7
Gas powered car 8

The condition of the CPG (cylinder-piston group) also left the most pleasant impression. Almost complete absence of soot on the bottom of the pistons, combustion chambers and the inside of the intake valves:

Gas powered car 9

,- and what is especially nice – honing is present on the entire surface of the cylinder walls. With such a run, IT cannot but rejoice.

Gas powered car 10

I do not argue, gas operation has not only positive aspects, but also negative ones.
Such as additional labor costs for servicing the gas installation, but they are minimal, since draining the condensate is not difficult. The high-voltage part requires more attention, since skipping sparks, and hence back pops into the inlet, adversely affect the performance of air flow sensors and other systems located on and in front of the intake manifold. Jamming, knocking out measuring elements, aperture of the diaphragms, this is a small list of typical malfunctions, but this can be avoided if servicing and tuning are approached with an understanding of the processes that occur in the engine and especially on gas. Particular attention should be paid to adjusting the gas distribution mechanism, by the way, the whole process takes about 40 minutes, since the adjustment is made on a hot engine in two revolutions of HF. As you can see, it’s neither difficult nor laborious.
Now about setting up the gas lambda control unit itself. After looking for information on configuring this device, I found software for programming and displaying dates for the system. It is extremely simple and works through the usual KL adapter which in our business is a dime a dozen. The basis for programming is the delay time and speed during the transition from one type of fuel to another. I stopped for 0.5s, the time was chosen empirically, since there is no failure during the transition and there is no critical re-enrichment of the mixture, I switched over at a speed of 2500 rpm. Ignition set at the upper limit – 7 degrees with the basic setting.
That’s all I wanted to state, or rather refute the allegations that gas is not useful for use on cars with a classic type of fuel, that is, gasoline.

And finally – a photo of the ejector mixer itself:

Gas powered car 11

The author of the article:
FURMAN Evgeny Solomonovich
Nizhny Novgorod
“Union of Automotive Diagnostics”


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