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GDI engines: features of the fuel pump

GDI engines: features of the fuel pump 1

GDI engines: features of the fuel pump

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When using low-quality (substandard) fuel, first of all, wear occurs on the plates 10 – 11 – 12, which, having a processing class of at least 14, are practically impossible to recover. Replacement only.
To date, three types of GDI high pressure fuel pumps are known:
1. The fuel is compressed and pumped using spring plates (described above)
2. Fuel is compressed and pumped using 7 plungers arranged according to the type of turret holder and working according to a complex mechanical principle
3. The fuel is compressed and pumped with a non-disassembling device of the same mechanical type. All attempts to disassemble it and look inside did not lead to anything, the factory rolling did not prevent it from completing along a circumference, but along a rather complicated path (in principle, it was possible to disassemble, but assemble it back.).
Therefore: it is not recommended to disassemble high-pressure fuel pumps to untrained specialists, as there are certain conditions and tricks both when disassembling and assembling it, without knowing which it is enough to simply disable the pump. A new pump from Japan is quite expensive: from 900 or more dollars. True, if there are good friends who can “go” directly to the “supply department” of the manufacturer, then you can buy “remkoplekt”, which will cost “only” a hundred or two dollars.


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