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Geely Emgrand Car

Geely Emgrand Car 1

Chinese D-class car Geely Emgrand

Geely Emgrand Car 2

Until recently, the Chinese automaker Geely specialized in the production of low-cost sedans and compact crossovers. But, now the company decided to try to realize their capabilities in the more expensive segment of vehicles. After three years of hard work, the company’s specialists developed a D-class car, which has already been launched into mass production. The model is called Emgrand, it has an elegant, truly European body design. Most of the components and assemblies for assembling the specified car are supplied by German, French and American companies.

Salon equipment, options

Interior items Geely Emgrand collected very carefully. When finishing the automaker uses two-tone plastic. In the basic configuration, the seats are lined with fabric; in the more expensive version, the fabric changes to genuine leather. The driver’s seat is set high and thanks to this, an excellent overview of the traffic situation opens from the cab. The body has a large glazing area and this visually expands the interior of the machine. The rear sofa has a folding central armrest, which displays the controls of the multimedia system and climate control.

In the basic configuration, Geely Emgrand is equipped with an electric drive for all windows and rear-view mirrors. Fog lights are installed on the front bumper, the center console is equipped with an on-board computer, a modern multimedia system with a large screen. In more expensive trim levels, leather upholstery and parking sensors are added to the main equipment.

Powertrain specifications, security systems

The Emgrand base is equipped with a 98 liter gasoline engine. from. This engine operates with a mechanical transmission and consumes about eight liters of fuel in urban areas. In the top version, the car is equipped with a 127 liter engine. from. This gasoline unit will consume about eleven liters of fuel, provides acceleration of the car to hundreds in eleven seconds. All engines comply with Euro 4 environmental standards.

By European safety standards, Geely Emgrand has received the highest rating. First of all, this is due to the fact that all possible places of deformation of the body are reinforced, the car is provided with active safety features that guarantee that the car is kept on the road under any circumstances. The airbag deployment level is controlled by a special electronic system..


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