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Geely Mk Cross: buy or not buy

Geely Mk Cross: buy or not buy 1

Geely mk cross buy – description, advantages and disadvantages of the car

Geely Mk Cross: buy or not buy 2

Geely MK Cross car: buy or still refrain from buying?

Today, the off-road version of the popular hatchback – Gili MK Cross, which most motorists who prefer crossovers, wants to buy, is very popular in the domestic market. This hatchback by the Chinese manufacturer was as stylized as possible under the body of an urban SUV, which made it even more popular.

The manufacturer notes that it is best to buy a Geely MK Cross car for those people who will ride it every day on a robot in a noisy city, and go on a relaxing weekend for the weekend. The main features of this car is the ground clearance of 17.5 mm, black stylish wheels, a new form of bumpers, additional moldings, roof rails and protective plastic linings. Thanks to these innovations, even motorists who value aggressive looks in cars can buy a Geely MK Cross.

The length of this model is 402 cm, height – 144.5 cm, width – 169.2 cm, it has front-wheel drive. The machine is driven by a gasoline 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 94 hp. Therefore, the car Geely MK can buy not only amateurs save (consumes 5 liters of gasoline per 100 km at a speed of 60 km / h), but also connoisseurs of relative agility, because its maximum speed is165 km / h.

In Russia, you can buy Geely MK Cross in two trim levels: Comfort, Luxury. Anyone who decides to buy a Geely MK is better to choose a more expensive package, as it will offer the following equipment: additional power accessories, air conditioning, ABS, stylish fog lights, audio system, two airbags. Luxury equipment also offers a leather interior and an electric sunroof..

Summing up, it can be noted that the popularity of the Gili MK Cross car in our market is due to its excellent combination of consumer qualities and price, which makes the car a very profitable option for buying.


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