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Geely NL-3

Geely NL-3 1

Geely NL-3

Geely NL-3 2

The concern from the Middle Kingdom distributed on its official website photos of the new model in the back of a crossover, which was created under the leadership of a former employee of the design bureau of the Swedish brand. In normal practice, this event marks an early presentation of the model, so many automotive analysts predict this event as early as this year..

These images no longer reveal anything new about this model, since already with enviable regularity it appears in front of the lenses of photo spies, and there is a case when it was without a protective coating. The exterior of the model was created by a department including representatives of many nationalities, led by them, who came from the design bureau of the Volvo concern. Since this Swedish brand belongs to a Chinese concern, many models of the latter are created with the involvement of the design forces of the Swedes.

From the flagship Geely GC9, the novelty got a fake radiator grille, completely preserved egocentric design made of chrome-plated frames. The style of the novelty is made in the family design of the concern, therefore, the model retained a clearly readable profile, the expressive design of the head lighting system, and competent proportions. In the engine compartment there will be a power unit with a volume of eight hundred liters, its turbocharged modification and with a working volume of two four hundred.

As the brand from the Celestial Empire follows, the list of optional equipment is very wide, here there is a system that allows 360-degree visibility, systems that track the so-called dead areas and prevent collisions with vehicles in front, a wide monitor on which information relevant to the driver is projected, seats with electric adjustment , a multimedia system that supports navigation and access to the global network. Many automotive analysts predict increased demand for this model. Therefore, he, like the GC9 model will diverge in large batches.


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