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Geely vision

Geely vision 1

Geely Vision – features, specifications, reviews

Geely vision 2

The most interesting thing about the car Geely Vision

The Chinese car Geely Vision has a length of 4602 mm, therefore, according to the European classification, it belongs to class D. As for its exterior, it makes no sense to describe it, because this brand has no corporate identity yet. But in the cabin, first of all, the hard plastic of the front panel catches your eye, which repeats the pattern on the doors. The chairs are trimmed with velor, its long pile very quickly collects dust, which can be clearly seen on the black upholstery. The steering column can be adjusted, but the adjustment range is offered not too large, it seems that a car was created for people of small stature. The best confirmation of the inconvenience of the Geely Vision machine is the reviews of the owners, although as they say this inconvenience can get used to over time.

A Geely Vision machine is equipped with a single 1.8-liter engine, which is assembled in China under a license from Toyota. The power unit is 133 hp, but the traction is not very impressive, as many motorists want much more from a power unit with such a volume. However, this motor has an advantage – it saves fuel due to the presence of a variable valve timing system.

At low speeds, the suspension of the car Gili Vision pleases, swallowing small bumps, joints and seams, but with an increase in speed, the car begins to swing. Since the shock absorbers are not able to handle all the bumps, therefore, it is better not to drive this car more than 100 km / h, since it becomes dangerous to turn the steering wheel.

Reading the reviews of the owners of Geely Vision, one can draw a simple conclusion that the steering wheel cannot be called empty, but its effort is “artificial”. In a straight line, the car practically does not scour, passing ruts without twitching.

In general, we can conclude that the car Geely Vision is a good family and inexpensive vehicle. Equipped with this model is not bad, roominess is good both in the cabin and in the trunk, allows you to carry even long loads. On the highway, the Geely Vision car is economical, consumes 8 liters of gasoline per 100 km, however, with a more dynamic style of movement, consumption can increase. Scheduled maintenance owners need to pass every 10 thousand km.


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