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Giulietta and MiTo – new generations from Alfa Romeo

Giulietta and MiTo - new generations from Alfa Romeo 1

Giulietta and MiTo – new generations from Alfa Romeo

Giulietta and MiTo - new generations from Alfa Romeo 2

Traditionally, at official press conferences, leaders of automobile companies summarize the technical and economic achievements of the firms they represent. In the case of the presentation of Alfa Romeo Giulietta from AR, everything looked different. Marketers did not even bother to report on the rating success of the machine, they were so sure of them. But frankly, the developers expected more from the car.

Since the release of the series, 224 thousand cars of this model have been sold worldwide. It would seem, who and what may be dissatisfied with? But it should be recalled that the hatchback is in the golf class, and this is one of the most popular and popular segments. Therefore, sales ratings could be higher. However, this fact is not depressing for the designers of AR, so they started restyling Giulietta.

Italian designers are famous all over the world. The new machine model is a confirmation of this. All body lines are surprisingly harmonious, the taste and many years of experience of these masters can be traced. The interior filling is not inferior in class. Sports, “recessed into the wells” devices, an unusual steering wheel. Some trim components generally resemble Ferrari interior details. A lot of leather and other expensive materials, though, there are trim levels and more modest. The experts’ common gripe is the controversial ergonomics of the driver’s workplace, but apparently, the developers were more passionate about the beauty of the cabin.

In European countries, 7 types of internal combustion engines (3 diesel and 4 gasoline), some of which are forced, are offered in the vehicle configurations. Petrol: TV 1.4 cc 105 l. from. + “Top” 170 liters. from. Also, the 1750Tbi 235 hp engine Diesel engines: JTDM, up to 2.0 cu There is another unit, with MultiJet injection, recognized as very “quiet” and economical. All units operate with manual transmission, and only the engine is 170 liters. from. allows combination with robotic TCT (twin clutch).

Thanks to firm brand stabilizers and independent suspension (linkage at the rear, McPherson at the front), the car is standing on the road in a ditch, add to this the electronic differential lock simulator Electronic Q2. Although, experts do not consider the car tough, despite its sports orientation. Indeed, the machine effectively dampens vibration, while maintaining comfort in the cabin. In addition, the suspension has a lot of parts made of aluminum, which gives lightness and plasticity: subframe, levers, fists of racks.

Another copy of the Italian auto industry that deserves attention is the upgraded Alfa Romeo MiTo. In the new version, his nose has been updated, inside, the instrument panel, the multisystem has replenished with a magnificent display. For Europe, additional equipment with a new TwinAir turbo engine (3 cylinders) of 105 forces is offered, but in our country this version will probably not appear.

Another drawback of the mentioned cars. With all due respect to the reputation of the company, cars are expensive, which also affects the sales rating. And since AR cars in our country are many times smaller than Toyota (for example), users have a lot of questions, where to service and repair them? Although, the Fiat concern, which includes Alfa Romeo, intends to take on the solution of these issues. In this case, domestic motorists will have a great opportunity to get to know the products of this respected Italian company, not only visually, but also practically.


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