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To go abroad in the winter by car: each country has its own rules

To go abroad in the winter by car: each country has its own rules 1

Most countries near and far abroad have legislation that determines the procedure for the winter operation of the car. An important point there are tire requirements.

The main problem for car travelers and professional drivers was the significantly different tire requirements in many countries. This is due to the fact that countries, even within the EU, have very different geographic locations and climatic conditions. Moreover, regulations may be different in several regions and administrative units within one country. This is true, for example, for Germany, Italy, and even warm Portugal.

Winter tires are not obligatory in calendar winter in all European countries, as, for example, in Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Denmark. In cold Norway and Sweden, seasonal tires are prescribed for local citizens, but this does not apply to foreign cars. Meanwhile, anywhere in the cold season, winter tires are not prohibited, which can not be said about the spikes.

To go abroad in the winter by car: each country has its own rules 2

In some countries, the use of spikes is not allowed. In some places they are allowed in a strictly limited period, say, in Belgium – from November 1 to March 31, and on cars weighing up to 3.5 tons. There is also a speed limit for studded tires, and it can also be different: for example, in Denmark 110 km / h on the highway and up to 80 km / h on other roads, and in Finland 90 km / h in the country and 50 km / h in the city with the mandatory “spikes” icon.

It should be noted that in different countries there is no single concept of tires for the cold season. In most places, the “M + S” badge (M&S, M.S.) is enough on the sidewall, which marks not only winter tires, but also all-weather ones. Continental recommends installing tires with the additional 3PMSF badge (three mountain peaks and a snowflake), which directly indicates that the tire is winter.

Also, standards have not yet been worked out to distinguish between regions where so-called tires for mild winters and models for harsh conditions are used, this is left to the discretion of car owners.

To go abroad in the winter by car: each country has its own rules 3

Continental draws attention to the fact that the regulations on winter tires in different countries are often changed and finalized, as a rule, this concerns the terms of its mandatory operation. Therefore, be sure to double-check this information just before the trip.

A universal recommendation is to buy premium Continental non-studded models that behave equally reliably on snow, ice, wet and dry asphalt and do not conflict with the law in almost any country. This is especially true when crossing several regions with different regulatory frameworks..

From the model line of the current season for areas with cold and temperate climates, we recommend the ContiVikingContact TM 6 friction tire, which constantly takes the top lines in tests of automotive publications and organizations. For traveling in the south of Russia and countries with mild winters, the novelty of the WinterContact TM TS 860 season is perfect, which has already managed to win first places in the tests of a number of authoritative publications.


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