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Great American SUV: luxury or necessity?

Great American SUV: luxury or necessity? 1

Great American SUV: luxury or necessity?

Great American SUV: luxury or a must?

Among the mass of used cars, stand out full-size American SUVs. The quality of Russian roads just favors the presence of a large and sturdy SUV with large wheels than an economical sedan with delicate suspension. And the wide Russian soul loves everything big and powerful. It is used American “jeeps” that bribe with their low cost, not only when buying, but also in servicing and purchasing spare parts and consumables. This somehow compensates for the high fuel consumption of huge (usually more than 5 liters) engines. How profitable is such a purchase for a Russian car enthusiast, and is the maintenance of the American giant problematic?

If we consider the purchase of a full-size SUV (or full size), then all three leading auto manufacturers from the United States have such models in their lineup. All these cars are equipped with three rows of seats, and the number of seats can vary from 4 to 9, depending on version.

Ford is represented by Ford Expedition, or its luxury brother Lincoln Navigator. The models are very similar technically, and fundamentally differ in the number of options in the standard, the level of trim, suspension comfort and some difference in body panels.

The Chrysler concern is represented by the Dodge Durango model, or the luxury option is the Chrysler Aspen (the latter was discontinued several years ago). Just like Ford, the models differ slightly, mainly in external body elements.

The General Motors concern has in its gamut three modifications of the same SUV. Basic Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon Junior Suite, and Luxury – Cadillac Escalade.

All these cars are available on the secondary market of Russia since 1997, and being presented by different generations of models, provide the buyer with a wide range of choices at prices.

In addition to the high consumption of gasoline (and these cars are equipped only with V8 gasoline engines), which ranges from 15-17 liters on the highway to 25-30 in the city, they do not cause any other trouble to the owner. Well, maybe the transport tax is a bit high. Very high reliability (mileage of 200-300 thousand kilometers is not a reason even for overhaul), the availability of cheap spare parts makes these cars popular in Russia. Gas consumption can be compensated by installing HBO. Taxes in the regions are different. But the advantages of these cars, such as a high level of comfort, safety, cross-country ability, and incomparable possibilities for transporting the number of passengers and goods with nothing – none of the competitors can provide.


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