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Great Wall Hover H5

Great Wall Hover H5 1

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Great Wall Hover H5 2

Here is a Chinese car entered for repair in our car service:

The client has such claims:
– the car pulls badly
– when driving, the motor “tinkles”

Primary diagnostics revealed errors in the exhaust gas afterburning system. Maybe? And what seems to be … and therefore EGR was programmatically disabled and physically dismantled, put reliable stubs:

Great Wall Hover H5 3

“These are the stubs my father makes, he has a lot of experience.”.

And they decided to test the car: together with the client they made a test trip. We drove a little, looked at the client, they say, well, how. He thought a little and decided to make us happy:
– Yes, it seems better …
We drove again, the client thought and shook his head:
– Better quite a bit, almost imperceptibly.

Indeed, during this trip, they noticed that the engine “smokes black.” The idea is as it should be: with dynamic acceleration from the exhaust pipe there should be a “black spit”, and then the car should accelerate without any black smoke. And it turned out differently with us: both with weak acceleration and with dynamic one – black smoke poured from the exhaust pipe as from a neighboring fireman.

Well, a negative result is also a result that encourages the continuation of troubleshooting. I want to say that in auto diagnostics, an instant solution to the problem is possible either in the cinema, or in a very successful combination of circumstances, or if the problem has already been studied on such cars and you just have to click your fingers and get money from the client for work.

The sad client went home, and we continued to deal with the problem..

We thought that “if we have blackness in the exhaust, then we need to check the fuel system?”.

They hung the plums on the nozzles (on the “return”), began to check. And then they saw that one of the nozzles drains the fuel almost twice as much as the others. Well, we can assume that one “jamb” was found and approached its resolution.

The new nozzle brought by the client solved one of the problems: the motor stopped ringing and began to work much softer. However, “smoke black” did not stop. The problem did not completely disappear, although they connected a “motor tester for the condition of engine iron”, looked through the data with the scanner again, in short, did everything except, perhaps, did not dance with a tambourine. But nothing helped to get closer to solving the problem..

And here I remembered the golden rule of automotive diagnostics, which I did not follow, probably considered myself a genius in car repair: “Talk to the client in detail and in detail”.

I’m calling, asking about “what did you do with the car in front of our car service, maybe there were some repairs, maybe there were accidents or something else?”.
– The car was in another car service, where the timing belt was changing, the client said..
– And from this place in more detail – and the information heard was real oil in the ears, the puzzle began to take shape!

And here was the “before”: the client decided to change the timing belt. Found a car service (I wonder how he looked for it? On the principle of “cheaper and faster” or “a little more expensive, but more reliable”?), Left the car there.

After some time, a locksmith called and said that “we have installed the timing, everything is clear, but the car stopped starting up,” as if hinting that they were great, and the car was to blame for everything.
– I came under my own power that you scratch me! Start up!
Well, ok, silence for a while, and then again a call from locksmiths:
– You have all the nozzles clogged!
The client was very surprised. But as it turned out, this was not all the news, then it sounded:
– And the car has problems with the high pressure fuel pump!

A competent person will immediately understand that the diagnosis of locksmiths could not be true, but rather is the so-called “excuse”, which often occurs due to lack of knowledge and aplomb the size of a balloon.

Further, as in a cheap novel: “Two weeks have passed …”. All these days, a locksmith could not start the engine, but probably tried very hard. And most likely, they attracted some specialist from the outside and prayed strongly: the car, although Chinese, but its cost is not two pennies, and the client was very determined, and if the repair failed, the case could go to court.

Then everything was the same as in the movie: “And then a miracle happened” – the engine was started! Locksmiths called the client, invited to the celebration, demonstrated the result: the car started and the engine worked.
– And why does the smoke go white? – the client suspiciously inquired and heard in response a reasoned answer:
– So we launched it from the air … it should be so. It’s okay: ride a kilometer or two, and the smoke will disappear! Believe our experience: everything will be fine!

And indeed: the smoke has disappeared. But not only after a kilometer or two, but after two days. Colleagues, having read this, will also grin: “It cannot be such that when starting from the ether the engine smokes for another two days”.

Well, then the client believed that everything was fine with the machine, repaired it with high quality and decided to travel south, towards the warm sea. Along the way, the car began to die slowly, driving slower and slower, creaking and twitching until it got up at all.

Here with such a real story, this car was in our car service. Therefore, I will once again tell myself and the rest: “Interrogate the client with special cynicism, find out from him completely the whole life history of the car, let him tell all the little things, even if they are insignificant for him!”.

If someone thinks that a car diagnostician, this is just the job:

Great Wall Hover H5 4

And that you just have to poke into the scanner, voice the read from the screen and get money from the client – this is a fatal mistake!

Self-diagnosis is an inaudible conversation between a person and iron, something like this:

Auto diagnostics in white gloves is only in the movies or on another planet in a parallel world. In fact, everything happens differently, since auto-diagnostics is not scoring the error number from the scanner screen, it is a whole range of work, including locksmithing, and all in order to find, understand, see the malfunction – and elegantly fix it!

Therefore, I had to delve into the mechanics. In the photo below, the engine is already assembled, it remains only to put new nozzles:

Great Wall Hover H5 5

And before that, the mechanic-mechanic had to do the work: remove the protective covers, inspect the marks and the rest … and what was found out: “the marks were in the marks” is already good. Timing was assembled correctly – already better. But everything was spoiled by a “nuance”: the pulley was dressed “back to front”. They, the previous locksmiths, still succeeded! But surely this was not easy to do: the pulley was so stubbornly “pulled-pulled-inserted” that he could not stand such an impudent treatment and cracked indignantly.

Now I will expose and confirm my words, see the photo below, nothing catches your eye?

Great Wall Hover H5 6

If nothing unusual was noted, then the following photo, a sentence has already been signed:

Well, the most unpleasant thing for the client: a crack.

Great Wall Hover H5 7

It’s difficult to notice in the photo, but I’ll tell you: “They tried to cover up the crack with dirt and rust.” No matter how many pulleys go by, only God knows, with whom, to my great regret, I don’t have the opportunity to contact now, but I would like to: there were suspicions that the locksmith from the previous car service had been messed up in a big way: when they put the timing belt, they were mistaken and bent the valve. And it takes a lot of time to replace – so they came up with an excuse that the injectors and the injection pump are faulty, and everything needs to be repaired, repaired and restored.

And there are big suspicions about the injectors: they were most likely workers at the time the client arrived to replace the timing, and they died after the intervention of those specialists. But we have a friend: the city of Gzhel, the name is Sergey. How much we cooperate with him has never failed. He looked, checked and concluded, sad for the owner of the car: “Nozzles are dead.” The question is: what the hell of a locksmith of a previous car service rushed to repair serviceable injectors with their subsequent guaranteed killing?

It is necessary to be seven spans in the forehead to repair serviceable nozzles from Delphi! As far as the public knows, these nozzles can only be repaired by exceptional people gifted with experience and appropriate equipment, and there are, unfortunately, very few such people even now in the 21st century. So our client “hit” a very impressive amount.

There are three nozzles in the photo below (one was previously purchased by the client):

Their cost is comparable to a carefree holiday in Turkey. And for the money spent on repairs, the client could fly to the Canaries and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


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